Sony HDR 560 settings for shooting indoor green screen shoots.

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I have the new Sony HDR 560 CV

I am trying to shoot a dark subject indoors with a green screen background. I have to back light for no shadows. No matter how much light I put on the subject (a puppet) it looks dark. I have plenty of lighting. Should i be bouncing the light of off white boards, or umbrellas or direct is OK. I thought these cameras are so good in low light. This isn't even low light.

I'm using auto settings. Could that be messing me up. Should I go into
Manuel settings and is there a preset for indoors and is using a green
screen adding more issues. I know there is information on the instruction
Manuel, but nothing about using a green screen backdrop that has to be
lit to avoid shadows when the subject is moving.

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Set your camera in manual mode to avoid auto focus. before adjust the white balance. I use manual mode, manual focus. Lith the green screen about 15 degres angle on both side. Talent is about 6 to 9 feet in front of your screen. Lith the Talent with 2 light at 45 degrees one light is the main light the other about 50% compare to main that we call the fill light. The third light is rear to the talent about 300 watts or less to hit the head and shoulder.

Use your software and learn to use the parameter to obtain transparency (pixel range and softness.