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      upgrading sound on Sony handycam –

      I finally decided to improve the quality of the sound in my video. I have a Sony Handycam DCR HC 96. the ext mike is on a hot shoe – but I wanted to get better sound that what is available from Sony microphones (although I am considering the bluetooth wireless)

      There is a VCM 100 mike adapter available with 1/8″. this is a converted shotgun mike with zoom,. you can use a wireless mike or handheld.

      I’ve heard of someone using a Beach Tech DXA – 4 P adapter for XLR and then a mike.

      I don’t know much yet. can someone please explain?

      I’d like to get set up for a variety of shooting circumstances. I am a semi-serious amateur, mostly doing family and pro bono documentary work.

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      Depends on the type of shooting conditions. There is virtually no such thing as an all-purpose microphone, even if you are only talking about videography. If you want a good multi-purpose microphone for location sound, I’d go with a cardioid condenser or short shotgun mic. A short shotgun condenser(which is highly directional)is probably the most ideal for recording dialogue, but you mightalso want acardioid (slightly broader in direction) condenser mic for a wider location of sound (e.g. more than one person speaking). A boom pole for your mic is ideal too.

      Here are some articles on this topic:

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