Sony FX1 vs. FX7 - Which is worth the buy?

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I'm considering finally buying an HDV cam for myself to do various projects (wedding videography, music videos, short films, documentaries - pretty much everything), and I'm fairly sure I'll be getting either an FX1 or an FX7. However, I've read so many conflicting things that I thought I'd bring it up to you, the community, to help me figure out which one is worth the purchase.

Thus far, my googling has yielded a few pros for both, and a few cons.

The FX1 has better image quality, although that's arguable, since a few reviews say that, when compared, the difference in quality is almost nil. Also, it has a lower lux rating, supposedly yielding better low-light performance. How important is the difference between the 3 lux rating on the FX1 and the 4 on the FX7? I also like the design and the LCD screen placement.

Still, I've read in a review that the FX7's produces better color in low-light conditions, with the same noise at the FX1, and that it's daylight resolution is much, much better. Also, the FX7 has the advantage of being able to take still pictures (an unnecessary feature I like quite a bit) and has an HDMI Out port. It's also lighter, and cheaper and has more assignable buttons. The Videomaker review, however, states that the iris control automatically switches to gain. Does this apply only to when the camera is in auto mode, or does this happen when it's completely in manual as well? If there's no way to shut that feature down, I'd probably back off from the FX7.

Finally, there's the issue of bells and whistles on either camera. The FX7 proudly advertises itself as a simplified version of the FX1. I would like to know what features from the FX1 are no longer present on the FX7.

Hope this isn't overload for most of you, as I'm sure some of my questions have probably been answered somewhere on these boards. Thanks for any help!

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Looks like Andrew is out today... so I'll fill in for him-- yes, it looks like that adapter will work for the FX7. You'll want to double check the impedence levels (mic/line level) to be sure that they match-up between the cam and adapter. I'd imagine this adapter is

And, now my two cents about the FX1 and FX7 debate, the one thing I really enjoy about the FX7 is the ClearVID CMOS sensors. They can really hold detail in the highlights much better than I expected when I first saw footage from this cam. I don't have as much experience with the FX1, but I do like that it's got a little more access to the professional-level controls. FX7 is largely menu driven for the more advance features.