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      i just ran into a wierd snag with my sony fx-1.

      when i turn the camera on, it turns itself off and back on…over and over again. sometimes it stays on for a few minutes. sometimes it is immediate. i thought it was a battery thing (the batteries are about three years old.) but the same thing happens with both my main and back-up batteries even when the camera is plugged in to power.

      the camera started to act strangely after it was plugged into an external drive via firewire by some coworkers. the drive wasn’t working with the deck they had and they thought the deck was the problem, so they tried the camera. when the camera was plugged in they found the same probelm – there was no way to access files from the drive on the main computer…if you disconnected the camera then you could access the files. could this process have sent some sort of charge through my camera that would make it go haywire? after they disconnected the camera, they ejected the tape and the cassette compartment stayed open and would not close and the camera would not turn off until i took out the battery and put it back…at which point the compartment closed but the strange on/off thing started happening.

      anybody know what’s going on?

      thanx –


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