Sony fx1 audio hum & buzz, how to improve sound quality

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Please advise me anyone - following Problem to resolve

Im amateur just start doing videos. Year ago I bought second
hand Sony fx1. I have a Problem with using Sony fx1 Audio (hum & buzz)I
have using with fx1 NTG 2 & beachtek
adapter. Please tell me what type of equipment I can use & get improve
sound quality

Im going to video my friends wedding on April, I have big
challenge to work with fx1. any recommend to get a better sound
quality in the church ceremony? Using handheld Wireless mic with stand in the church
altar middle of couple & priest, 3.5mm jack direct receiver in to camera {Sennheiser ew 135-p}or using Portable recorder like EDIROL
R-09 (adding audio when editing the video)



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Skip adapters. Get a wireless lav with mini din that plugs in directly for the cermony (clipped on the preacher) and just use the camera mic or a good mini din shotgun for the reception/testimonials.

I'd not bring a hand held at all.