Sony fx1 audio hum & buzz, how to improve sound quality

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      Please advise me anyone – following Problem to resolve

      Im amateur just start doing videos. Year ago I bought second
      hand Sony fx1. I have a Problem with using Sony fx1 Audio (hum & buzz)I
      have using with fx1 NTG 2 & beachtek
      adapter. Please tell me what type of equipment I can use & get improve
      sound quality

      Im going to video my friends wedding on April, I have big
      challenge to work with fx1. any recommend to get a better sound
      quality in the church ceremony? Using handheld Wireless mic with stand in the church
      altar middle of couple & priest, 3.5mm jack direct receiver in to camera {Sennheiser ew 135p}or using Portable recorder like EDIROL
      R-09 (adding audio when editing the video)



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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Skip adapters. Get a wireless lav with mini din that plugs in directly for the cermony (clipped on the preacher) and just use the camera mic or a good mini din shotgun for the reception/testimonials.

      I’d not bring a hand held at all.

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      I had the same problem with my fx1 and the 2100e uwhen seinhisser 300d mounted it picks up motor noide and any knocks your tripod gets are amplified I made up a bracket to mount the mic off camera suspended in elastic bands, Problem solved. Steer clear of AC units in hotels or other recording locations as mic will pick up motor and air hum.

      I also have the Z7 And there are no such problems as the supplied mike is mounted in a foam rubber slieve.

      Hope this helps




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