Sony Error Code C32:11

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      I have a Sony Mini DV HVR A1J camera, and after I ejected a tape, the casette door would not close. I cycled power, removed the battery and the AC power with no change, and then the C32:11 code an “Re-Connect Power source” error came up.

      I tried removing power a couple of times and resetting the camera as instructed in the manual. There are several people who have a similar problem online, but I saw no solutions.

      Any Suggestions?

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      1) Take your main-battery pack out of your camera
      2) If your camera
      has another CMOS battery, take it out too.
      3) Turn the switch on
      “OFF” position.
      4) Wait for 2 minutes
      5) Put the switch on the
      “Video Playback mode” (if your switch is manual and not automatic).
      Plugin in your power-supply-charger (DO NOT PLACE THE BATTER IN YET).
      Your camera should eject the tape straight away.



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