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      I just purchased a Sony DCR-SR80 for recording my children’s school plays. Previously we have connected a friends Panasonic mini disk camera to my computer tower with a video graphics card to capture the shows (tuff hauling the computer to school for the performances). Where we record in the auditorium, is about 150 from the stage, from a 2nd floor viewing window. I thought that Sonys Zoom Mic (ECM-HGZ1) would bring the sound in better so I purchased that too.
      In testing the mic on the camera at home, the recorded volume decreases when using the zoom or gun function. There is a difference in volume when the mic is connected (lower)so I believe that the unit is operational. Sony says the mic is compatible in the Active interface shoe.Has anyone who has the ECM-HGZ1 experienced the same recording problem? It seems the microphone is not zooming as described. Can anyone recommend another microphone that may work better? Should I maybe try the Sony wireless mic instead?
      I usually demux the MPEG2 and run the audio through Sony Sound Forge to raise the volume before remuxing and then burning. Im hoping to get a better sound quality to avoid the Sound Forge step.
      Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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