Sony DVD Architect 4.0b error when trying to burn master DVD

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I always get this error and its impossible to author my DVD with Architect 4.0:

WARNING: An error occurred while writing a file. Invalid data was encountered when processing an MPEG file.

These are the steps I take: after editing my movie in Final Cut Pro I then export the movie into QuickTime format, the resulting .mov I compress using a compressor to mpg2 (mpeg-2?) format. The resulting audio file (.aiff) I convert to wave (.wav), then this audio file plus the m2v I import into architect 4.0 along with a .PSD file for the DVD menu, no subtitles... I do all that is needed to produce the master DVD... the preview looks fine and there is no problem but when I prepare to burn the DVD in the middle of the process the error appears.

I have tried several times with different videos but it is always the same thing and I cannot burn my video. I will appreciate help solving this problem.

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Try using Tmpgenc to do your conversions.