Sony DHR-1000 DV Edit Deck – $795 obo

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      This edit deck has very low hours on it being used for only a few personal projects each year and the very occasional one for a client. Note that this is one of only a few DV decks that takes both miniDV and full-size DV tapes. With a full-size tape you can have over 3 Hours of recording time at SP speed!

      It is in perfect condition, essentially as new. All the original accessories are included: owner’s manual, cables, etc., except for the remote batteries and the cleaning cassette. I’ll include a 186min. full-size size tape (used) instead.

      This is by far the best tape deck I’ve ever used and that includes many professional models. The rewind and fast forward speeds are almost not to be believed. The built-in edit functions do not compare to using a computer-based editor, but they work perfectly and easily.

      It will ship in the original Sony box and packing.
      Please contact me with any questions. I’ll answer as best I can.


      Format: Digital (Dv/Mini Dv) (Dvcam Playback Only)

      Number of Heads: 4 Head

      Audio: Pcm Stereo 12 Bit 32 Khz 2 Stereo Tracks, Or 16 Bit 48 Khz 1 Stereo Track,Mts Stereo Tuner

      Flying Erase Head: Yes

      Audio Dub: Yes (12 Bit Mode)

      Insert Editing: Yes (Video Or Audio Or Both)

      Random Assemble Edit: Yes 10 Segment Assemble Editor

      Synchro Edit: Yes W/ Control-L / Control-S / Dv Fire Wire

      Time Code: Drop Frame Time Code, Compatible W/ Rc Time

      Control Protocol: Yes Control-L (Lanc), Control-S

      Time Base Corrector (TBC): Yes

      DV (IEEE-1394): Yes

      Line In Recording: Yes (S Video/ Composite/ Dv-Fire Wire)

      Tape Counter: Yes

      Jog/Shuttle: Yes Jog/Shuttle

      Audio Level Meter: Yes

      Manual Audio Level Control: Yes (Also A Audio Mix Balance)

      Slow Motion: Crystal Clear Freeze Frame, Slow Motion

      Frame Advance: Frame By Frame

      Manual Tracking: Yes

      VCR Plus: Yes

      Cable Box Control: Yes

      Program Timer Recording: Yes

      Auto Repeat: No

      Auto Tape Speed: No

      Record Speeds: No

      Playback Speeds: No

      Commercial Advance/Skip: No

      Front Audio/Video Input: Yes S Video/ Rca / Dv Fire Wire/ Lanc Line (2)

      Back Audio/Video Inputs: 1 S Video 1 Rca And Control-S Line (1)

      Back Audio/Video Outputs: 2 S Video 2 Rca And Control-S 1 X Lanc

      Headphone Jack: Yes W/ Level Control Stereo (In Front)

      Microphone Input: Yes W/ Audio Control Mini (In Front)

      Index Search: Yes Or By Data Search

      181-Channel Tuner: Yes

      Dimensions (WxHxD): 17″X 5 3/4″X 14 3/4″

      Weight: 21 Lbs 5 Oz

      Power Requirements: 23 Watts, Ac 120 Volts 60 Hz

      Remote: Yes

      Jog/Shuttle On Remote: Yes Jog/Shuttle Ring

      Multi Brand Remote: Yes

      Specialties: Photo Search, Data Search, Built In Tv Tuner, Insert Editing, Audio Dub, Assemble Editing, Manual Audio Level Control, Mic Input,Head- Phone Jack W/ Level Control, Built In Edit Board

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      If this unit is still available, please contact me andras [at] howdido dot com.

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