Sony DCRA-C121 Handycam Station

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      Hey Everyone

      Does anyone know where i can get a Sony Handycam Station DCRA-C121 for my camcorder – Sony DCR-HC42E. I have one, but the iLink connector is damaged.

      Apparently, this docking station DCRA-C121 fits the following SONY models:
      DCR-HC22 DCR-HC22e
      DCR-HC32 DCR-HC32e
      DCR-HC33 DCR-HC33e
      DCR-HC39 DCR-HC39e
      DCR-HC42 DCR-HC42e
      DCR-HC43 DCR-HC43e

      My preference is to find someone who has one they aren’t using (in working order, of course) and would be kind enough to will it to me :D. Option 2 – info where I can buy one (without having to ask my online bank manager for a loan X-D) . Or maybe exchange my one for a refurbished one.

      Another option – Can anyone suggest another way to transfer my image from miniDV tapes to my laptop for editing. Bearing in mind that my camcorder is PAL and I am in USA now.?

      Kind regards

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      Did anybody answered ur question? I have the same problem, I’ve lost my Handycam Station… so I need one… I am Hungarian, but now living in the Nethermands…I’ve already checked in Hungary and it is around 100 euros, and takes 1 months at least to get it… I wanted to order from internet from the USA…but on the SONY website I didn’t find this accessory by the way.

      I’d be really grateful if u could help me…!!!!

      Regards, Peter

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      I Have completly new one,m 100%conditions.

      I Can Suply Station + AC power adaptor AC-L25A (original for that Handycam station)

      Please contact me at e-mail

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