Sony DCR-VX2100 vs. Canon GL-2. In desperate need of help.

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      Hi everyone, I’m a short filmmaker looking to branch out into the world of event/wedding/training videography. I’ve been researching cameras for a while now, and I really don’t have any need for HD or 24p. I want a solid camera that will shoot great video and will allow for the ability to use wireless mic and shotgun mic setups.

      Canon GL-2: I know it’s an old camera, and it may not be "in style" anymore, but I have spent some time with it in a video production class and I liked it a lot.

      Sony VX2100: I just heard about this camera today, someone was recommending this over the GL-2 because it shoots better in low light situations. The question is, just how "low light" are we talking about? I will be primarily filming weddings with this camera, so would this be the better choice?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get away with spending $400 less on the GL-2, but if you can give me a good reason to throw the extra cash down on the Sony, please do.

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      Sony VX2100 all the way. I shoot weddings and use the Sony PD170 as my primary cam and it is AMAZING. I’ve never needed an extra light, even for the dimmest receptions. If you do weddings or are thinking about it, go with Sony

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      Thanks for the feeback. I’m going to a camera dealer in town tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to get some hands on time with both of them.

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      If it is not too late to throw another option in there — the Panasonic ag-dvc30 is another good choice – it is going for around 1800 and there is a 200 rebate available. Compared to the GL2, I think it is a better choice.

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      Try that with the Panny ag-dvc30 or Canon GL-2!


      I was just offering an alternative to the GL-2 – The vx2100 is a better camera expectedly so. As for durability, the GL2 feels cheap and I can see that breaking easily — A friend of mine at church asked me to tape a baby dedication using his vx2100 – I hated how it felt in my hand – it was weighted so unevenly and I felt like it was going to drop out of my hand at any minute. Granted, I only had about 15 minutes to play with the camera before I had to tape it – its a good camera as long as you never have to use it when it is not on a tripod. But I think the body of the panasonic dvc30 is much more durable.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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