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      So the newbie needs help after days of research on which camera…

      I think i know the specifics that i want…HD, SD preferred, easy to send files direct to macbook,
      But i need to know which also have good quality in low light settings, good audio, decent battery life, steadycam etc

      I will be filming gigs, events in bars/clubs and also music video’s and
      using final cut to edit. i would prefer smaller size model but i think
      this is one aspect that can be compromised

      struggling to find something that ticks all the boxes so your help is appreciated! My budget is under 2k

      The camera’s ive looked at are Sony DCR VX2100/NEXVG10 and HXR MC50E but just confuzzled on what to settle for..


      many thanks

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      I’ve used three VX2100’s for the past 5 years. It’s a good camera with really good low-light capabilities. That’s why I got them. If you are looking for an SD camera. This would be the one that I recommend.

      But Keep in mind that it is MiniDV. So you’ll have to slowly download each video.

      If you can find an HD camera with Memory card or Hard drive capabilities. I would recommend going in that direction.

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      As above, the VX2100 is a fantastic camera. I have used one for about 5 years always with very good results. The HXR MC50E is a high def camera similar to the HXR NX70 which I also have. The HXR NX70 is a fantastic little camera and can handle low light pretty well, but not as good as the VX2100. Also bear in mind that if you move over to HD, your computer also needs to be up to a high spec or you will really suffer when editing. I am also finding that more and more clients are looking towards HD quality as well as the video being in 16 x 9 format. If you shoot in 16 x 9 format with the VX2100, the quality suffers when played back on a widescreen TV

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      I love my VX, but I don’t recommend buying one now. Technology has moved so much that its footage simply does not look as good as an HD camera. Virtually all of my output is on standard DVDs, but by shooting the original footage in HDV (I use Sony HVR-Z1,5,7u cameras) I get a much better final product. The quality is apparent when VX shots are intermixed with the others.

      I do think the VX is one of the best SD cameras around (especially for low light like in weddings) but it is a little long in the tooth.

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