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      I am a old school video person and now going to the Sony DCRVX2100 camera need to know from someone that uses the camera do you ever use the memory stick and what use is it, and what tape brand do you use for your wedding and special events, just some questions I need answered, and how good is the camera in low light, manily outdoors at weddings when the photographers is shooting in dim light secens
      thank you

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      As far as the memory stick, i use it to capture some quick stills, the resolution is maxed at 640×480, so not quite full screen SD resolution, the stills are not that great, the camera though is really good. I continue to be thoroughly impressed with it’s low light capabilities. I have shot in serveral instances outside near dusk and got really great results when other cameras give you grain. I am glad I bought this camera. As far as tapes go, I use sony brand premium tapes and only shoot in standard speed.

      Good Luck and Happy Shooting!


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      I’ve never used the still on my 2100, thats what my Canon gear is for :javascript:emoticon(‘:D’)D The cams lowlight capabilities are stellar. You won’t be disappointed in any way with this model.

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      I would say it has one of the best low-light capabilities I have seen in a camcorder. But be cautious, if the scene is too dark, it becomes grainy.

      I use Sony MiniDV tapes for the camcorder. I use them because Sony made them, the same company that makes the camcorder.

      I would not use the camcorder for photography though. The pictures are "okay", but not great, far from.

      Overall the camcorder is great. Lots of manual controls and it produces very good quality video. The on-board mic is not bad either, but I use an external mic.

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      I can’t speak too highly of this camcorder. The lowlight recording is amazing and far better than the naked eye. I have recently started taking stills and they give a surprisingly great result when viewed on my PC. I don’t think that they print up too well though. They should be useful though in a video also. πŸ˜€

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      I was referring to stills on the memory stick as opposed to video stills. Apparently, so I read, the quality is enhanced by the fact that it uses progressive scan on stills. For new users make sure that you lock the little button on the record/VCR switch when shooting video to stop the switch moving down to the stills position. It is definitely worth getting a memory stick for stills.

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