Sony DCR-HC30 and Windows Vista 64bit support

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      Since Sony do not have Vista 64 bit drivers for my Sony DCR-HC30 camera nor do they plan on supporting it I need advise as the the best way to get my Mini DV tapes to my PC and the convert to movies on DVD. Before I replaced my XP 32bit PC with a new 64bit Vista system I was doing great by simply streaming the tapes to disk via USB and the using Movie Maker to make my DVDs. Quite primitive and basic but worked for me.

      I now just need advise on what I should do now? I assume I need a Vista 64bit compatible video capture card to to connect the camera to my PC but would like to see if anyone can recommend a cost affective solution. I bought a cheap USB dongle device and the the video quality is terrible (very jumpy). Will using fire-wire help or would I still need Vista drivers for the camera if I did this?

      Any ideas? Any recommendations? (other that dumping the camera!!)

      Thank you

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      My advice would be to re-install with Vista32. When you buy the 64 bit version it still comes with the 32 bit version. The windows implementation of 64bit was pretty bad. Unlike the Mac OS implementation you as you know cannot use 32bit drivers. Many things do not and will never (for the forceable future) have drivers for vista 64. I would not expect any other camcorders to have usb drivers either.

      But really I would never consider using USB anyway. What you should really always do is use firewire to capture. This requires no drivers. So that should fix your problem if you want to stick with Vista 64 for some reason. Regardless I would use firewire it has more bandwith and is less likely to drop frames. Also it is much more supported by editing software. None that I am aware of (besides windows movie maker i guess) support capture over usb.

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      Sony do not have 32 bit Vista drivers for this camera either. They stopped support at Windows XP and reverting to XP is not an option for me.

      So with fire-wire I can just connect the "DV" output on the camera to a fire-wire port on the PC and it should work, i.e. I do not need any drivers for the camera with fire-wire? If this is the case then this is definitely my preferred method. I would just need confirmation that I do not need drivers.

      Thank you


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      videolab Wrote:

      Many things do not and will never (for the forceable future) have drivers for vista 64.

      This doesn’t seem true to me. Sure there may be some legacy products that manufacturer’s choose not to make Vista compliant, but I can’t imagine too many devices falling into this category (besides really old hardware) and even less that would have just 32 bit drivers. I could be wrong, but I expect Vista 64 won’t be as bad as XP 64 (though I haven’t used Vista 64, so I don’t know much about it yet).

      That aside, I agree with the firewire option. You can pick up a firewire card from Newegg for about 10-15 dollars and that includes a firewire cable with it. And most of them (especially the bigger name brands) are really easy to install and get working too.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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