Sony DCR-HC21 Handycam

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      This camcorder cant be detected by my pc.

      The pc has Windows XP Pro.

      I am using an IEEE1394 Firewire with it.

      No clue what to do now.

      Any ideas?

      Thank You,


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      What software are you using to capture the footage?

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      The wonderful stuff that came with it.

      Picture Package with it’s bizzare user manual.

      I tried again today for hours earlier.

      Aggrivated !!~!!

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      There are lots of things you could try instead, such as Sony Vegas, or even Movie Maker will grab your footage, but here’s a very small, handy utility that I like to have with me on a memory stick:

      You could give that a try.

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      Small-I like small.

      I’ll try it and I thank you..

      Have any nice free small programs you like for editing video?

    • #187763

      I’ve seen this program before and had saved it to look at.

      But lost it in one of the pc meltdows.


    • #187764

      Well I tried it and this pc still won’t find the camcorder.


      Nice little program though.

      I’m hating this camera now.

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      Just a few questions I’d be asking myself:

      Is the Firewire showing in Device Manager? (right click on My Computer, Properties, Hardware)

      Are all necessary drivers installed? (i.e. no yellow warning triangles in Device Manager)

      Have you used the Firewire connection for anything else and know it to be working?

      Is a 1394 Connection showing up in Network Connections? (Start, Settings, Network Connections)

      In the BIOS (Del key at switch on?), is IEEE enabled?

      When you connect the camera, are you getting any ‘New Hardware Found’ messages?

      <h3>”Have any nice free small programs you like for editing video?”</h3>

      No, I use Sony Vegas, but you’ll find all sorts of useful bits and pieces here:

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      Firewire is showing in the Device manager with no yellow warnings.

      Have I used it before? NO

      Is 1394 Connection showing up in Network Connections? YES but firewalled

      In the BIOS? Serched everywhere in BIOS and could not find it there AT ALL.

      ‘New Hardware Found” messages? YES

      I reinstalled the sony crap.

      Also tried to connect using the USB cable and that at first looked promising as it seemed the camera at least recognised it was plugged in to it.

      But the pc still could not see it.

      I am thinking a hammer will fix this fast…..8o

      You are going to say the firewire card isnt working or not being recognised-Right?

      Even so-why would it not find the camera through the usb port-that I KNOW works?


      But huge thanks for trying to help me.

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      OK, if you’re getting the ‘New Hardware…’ message then the Firewire card is likely working OK so don’t worry about the BIOS bit – that would apply if the Firewire was built into the motherboard, but you’re using a PCI card, yes?

      When you get the message, what do you see in the Device Manager? Installing the Sony software is not necessarily going to install the driver, which I remember having to do first when I used a similar camcorder and that stupid software (which I ditched after similar frustrations), so I’m wondering if you’re skipping that part. When you plug in the camera and get that message, look in the device manager and check for a problem. If no driver is installed, ‘update it’ while the camera is connected from your installation CD.

      Disable the firewall for the 1394 and see what that does.

      Does that camera need to be in a certain mode when connected to the PC by Firewire? Don’t focus on USB, at least not now. It has a Firewire connection, so try to get that working as you’ll be able to do a lot more with that…

      Still no luck? It will be a something and nothing problem, though, so stick with it (deep breaths, deep breaths πŸ™‚ )

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      The new hardware message stopped coming up.

      Still no yellow warnings in the device manager.

      Disabling firewall had NO effect.

      Firewire still not working or recognising camera.

      My DSL went down for a while-sorry I took so long getting back to you.

      I guess next I need to open the case up and look at this firewire plug and card.

      That will be not right now as I also need to blow the dust out of it and I do that outside.

      It’s been raining here lately. So later for that!

      Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.



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      Mmm – sorry I couldn’t pinpoint it for you. I do remember having similar problems when I used a similar Sony camcorder but I did eventually get it working, although it <span style=”font-style: italic”>was</span> in front of me and obviously that isn’t the case here so I can’t see what’s going on with your setup. I use the Canon A1 now and I just plug it in without having to mess around, and it’s been a while since I had to, but I do remember it being a driver issue and not a faulty Firewire card issue. Maybe you could borrow a camera from a friend for an hour and try that first to confirm that the card is or isn’t OK before buying a replacement. I know they’re cheap but it won’t make your day if you’re left with exactly the same problem after buying one. You could also try connecting the camera to another machine to make sure the camera port is OK.

      And yes, if your machine is due for a clean then you could check that the card is seated properly.

      Anyway, good luck with it – I hope you get it working…

      Oh, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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      Will do.

      Before you go though.

      Do you have a site where I can check for driver updates for this?

      The Sony site is not exactly user friendly especially on this model of camcorder.

      And many thanks for all your help.

      You’ve been great!


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      You should get what you want here:

      Again, good luck…

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      Did that and still does not work.

      This is a crap camera.

      I wasted money on this.

      Wish I could get the money back.

      Not happening…..


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      Is your cable OK?

      Have you tried deleting the Firewire connection and letting Windows generate another?

      You could also remove the card and insert it into another slot. I had to do that with a TV card once so it might be worth trying.

      Not sure what else to suggest. If everything is connected properly and any necessary drivers are installed, and your camera is in the correct mode, it should work OK.

      If you’re up to doing it, I would move the card to another slot and try again – assuming you have a spare PCI slot, that is…

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      The cable is fine-brand new in fact.

      I haven’t tried deleting the connection though.

      I guess I can try that.

      Remove the card…..

      I will do that but not this week.

      I need to do a regular cleaning next week-I hope-and will do it then.

      If that doesnt work.

      I will assume there is a problem with the firewire connection on the camera itself.

      I read in some reviews of that happening to at least a few with this camera.

      Among other problems.

      It is so damn hard to find actual user reviews that can warn you before buying a camera.

      And I did a pretty heavy search on this one before I bought it.

      I never saw all the bad reviews until afterwards when I was looking for help.

      I wanted a camcorder that could do nice or better vids of fast moving dogs in bite-work training.

      I tried to find one that had good reviews for both daytime and under lights videos.

      Never did find one that was entry level and user friendly and did well at night so settled on this one.

      I screwed up big time looks like.


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      The chances are that the problem you’re having now is computer related, and not in the camera itself, so maybe that camera will do what you want it to do if you can get it connected.

      It could even be the Firewire cable, even though it is new!

      How long has Windows been installed, by the way? I’ve cured hardware problems in the past by backing up everything of importance and re-installing Windows, so that might be something to consider as well.

      Maybe a few days away from the problem doing something else completely (without even thinking about it) will help you to come back to it with renewed determination. Sounds like you’re about to hit it with something hard. Have a break! πŸ™‚

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      Well I just now actually got the pc to recognize the camera via the USB cable.

      Then got about 1/2 of the video on my hard drive.

      But was unable to get that to a CD for some reason.

      The firewire cable is still not working here though.

      In fact it was recently reformatted and I aint doing that again anytime soon!

      I’ve got Ghost backups instead.

      So made “some” progress anyway!

      I think I will hand the firewire cable to someone else and let them see if it works on their PC next.

      A few days away from it is coming.

      I have to work dogs tonight and go to work the next few nights.

      But this is a bit of progress. 😎

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