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      Hey everybody!

      After long searching, I have a job with a guy in my town of all places.

      He has some Sony cameras, the SR1 and SR5. These are HD cameras recordering on AVCHD, but you guys probably know that.

      I know NOTHING about AVCHD! He says there’s a software thing that supposed to come with the SR1 called Sony Picture Motion Browser. He doesn’t have it. Where can we get it? Does it even help with uploading files and stuff? What files do we grab off the camera and put in Vegas Platinum – the CIP files or the STREAM files?

      Very confusing! First day on the job, I feel like Kobe Bryant, being told to play Soccer. AVCHD is NOT my thing!

      Anyway, I’m getting paid a lot for this gig. any help very appreciated!

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      All right, I called Sony tech support. Very nice guy named Benjamin helped a lot. I figured out which files to grab off the camera.

      However, still trying to learn AVCHD. Any helpful advice? Tips? other?

      Thanks! Chris of Colorado

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      OK. Here’s the problem, explained better.

      I copied the .MLP files from the Sony HDR-SR1(records AVCHD) that my boss owns to our computer’s hard drive.

      Can’t I just import the .MLP files into Sony Vegas Platinum using File>Import? It won’t work for some reason.

      Did I get the wrong files off the camera? Maybe I should have chosen a different format from .MLP?

      Please help!

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      Hi Chris –

      I have the SR11 and will have to assume they work the same way (HD AVCHD w/USB).

      I use Sony Vegas Pro 8 and just copy the MTS files from the camera to my local hard drive. I can then just drag those files either to my timeline or trimmer in Vegas.

      I am not sure if the Movie Studio version of the product allows for MTS files or not.

      Hope this helps.


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      Yeah! I discovered that the .MTS files were what I needed, not the .MLP files.

      Thanks for confirming my discovery!

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      Hi i brought Sony HDR-SR11 Camcoder and also purchased Magix movie pro 14 plus forCapturing, editing software.and i am using HP pavilion entertainment laptop (Hp pavilion dv 6799ea). WITH BUILT IN graphic card” nvidia”Ge fource 8400M GS. I tried several time for capturing video from my Sony HDR – SR11 through Magix movie pro 14 plus through USB port. But each time it says could not connect to selected device’at the same time i am getting access to camcorders hard disk through this usb port (i can edit video from hard disk in this same connection).so please advice me how can irecode HD video (avchd) directly from my camcorder through this magix movie pro 14 plus.

      Please help me at the earliest,

      Thank you,


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