Sony Camcorder in mint condition

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      This camcorder offers unequaled picture clarity due to its digital video format. Videos recorded in DV can have up to two times the horizontal resolution of VHS and three times the component color sampling. This results in sharper, brighter colors. Your videos will look like a pro’s, because the time base correction will eliminate the "jitters" encountered in some tapes. Adaptive Frame Interpolation interpolates both fields into one frame and smoothes out jagged, stair-step images. 4-capsule microphone provides crystal clear stereo separation and superior digital wind noise reduction. Each CCD of 3-CCD imaging system has 410, 000 pixels for brilliant digital picture quality. Dichroic Prism divides incoming light into red, green, and blue components for incredibly sharp and rich color. Drop-Frame Time Code provides accurate time code for precision editing. Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with No Memory is included. It communicates with camcorder and provides accurate readout in minutes of time remaining. Intelligent Accessory Shoe communicates signals (such as power on/off, Control L, and audio) between the camcorder and accessories to simplify usage. LP Recording lets you record up to 90 minutes of video on a 60-minute mini DV cassette. Super-durable magnesium alloy is used for a tough, rugged, and beautiful chassis. Manual Exposure allows precise manual control for proper exposure while Manual Focus Ring provides precise manual focusing. Manual White Balance lets you properly set white balance to a variety of light sources. PCM Digital Stereo Audio with Audio Dubbing provides an incredible 96dB of dynamic range for superior audio power, clarity, and accuracy. Audio dubbing lets you record your stereo sound first, then insert your stereo music or narration without disturbing the original soundtrack. You can use your Digital Handycam like a still camera to capture and store more than 500 images on a 60-minute cassette. 180, 000 pixels Precision Color Viewfinder provides excellent viewing clarity, with 400 lines of horizontal resolution. Super Steadyshot Image Stabilization detects and eliminates high-frequency vibration for incredibly smooth video.
      Package includes: Camcorder, $4,000, Hard Case, $500.00, 4 Infolithium Batteries $125.00 each, Century Optics 2X Lens Extender $300.00, Battery Charger, A/C Supply, DC Charger, Cables, Lens Filters. Invested $5,000.00 into this pro camcorder package. Mint Condition.
      Contact: Joel Brooks at 817-771-8347 or e-mail:
      Price: $3,495.00

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