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      Ok so I’ve been looking into getting a new camcorder and after a while of searching I found the Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 for around $450. I read some reviews and most people liked the camera. I’m low on money and was wondering if this camera will be good enough or if I should save up some more and get an HD camera. I’ll be doing some very basic work and editing using SonyVegas. If you have any suggestions or ideas about whether I shouldl go for an HD or SD camera please let me know.

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      Ask yourself this, “When do I expect to own both an HDTV and a Blue-ray DVD for my computer?” If you don’t have an HDTV, how are you going to watch your HD recordings? If you don’t have a Blue-ray DVD player for the HDTV and/or a Blue-ray DVD recorder to burn HD videos, why would you need to shoot in HDV? You don’t have any way to view and distribute your finished videos. If you’re planning on distributing your videos with on-line sharing sites, you will be losing all of the additional resolution HD has over SD in the compression process. Now it is true that many sites are playing videos in the 16:9 aspect ratio, the aspect ration of HDV. But I believe the camcorder you mentioned has the option of shooting in 16:9 so it would look like you’re shooting HDV (on web viewing) and you’d get experience with framing shots in 16:9.

      Camcorder selections always come down to your expected use. If you already watch HD programming & expect to have a Blue-ray player in the foreseeable future, you can reap the benefits of an HDV camcorder. But keep in mind, the vast majority of households in the US do not have HD capability. And only a tiny fraction of those that do can also play back HD material. The research I’ve seen on the adoption of HD isn’t predicting the majority of households to have it until sometime in the next decade. SD video will likely be in popular use up through 2020. So if you’re not already into HD, you’ve got years & years to make the move.

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