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      Dvine here; I have come into 3 Sony Beta M7 cameras. All three are in good condition and have imaculate Canon lenses. They are studio cameras; which means they need a CCU to run them.

      They have the typical gorgeous Beta picture and sturdy craftsmenship.
      The only downside is that one is missing its lens hood (easily replaceable) and there are no hard cases for any.

      They were kept in my school closet and we recently decided to clean house.

      You may ask what use you could have for 3 studio cameras; frankly if you want to start up a studio or work for a church these are perfect for you. Plenty of studios just starting out have used this type of cameras, and after you get a bit more money you can pass the savings on and sell them to someone just starting out themselves.

      I will ask about 800 a piece if you buy seperate and I will sell the set of three for two grand; which will save you 400 dollars.

      Any of these prices are negotiable so don’t fret.

      For pictures or if you are in any way interested; please email me at Or you can just PM me through this forum.

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