Sony Alpha Nex-5, anyone used this yet?

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      I was interested in any first hand knowledge about using Sony’s Alpha Nex-5. I would be particularly interested in the performance in video capture quality. Also, have youencountered any overheating problems shooting video for longer than 10 minutes per clip (there are reports ofthis problem with Alpha A55 whichalso uses the APS-HD sensor)?I have looked at many forums and descriptions and haven’t foundmuch hands-on information about video with this camcorder. Thanks for your time and attention.

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      I’ve looked at this camera, as well as the nex vg10, I believe the two could compliment each other very well for shooting stills and video…. a Wedding shooter could do well using both, but if I had to choose one or the other for video, I’d go with the vg10.

      one think about Sony that makes me want to puke is they gouge you on batteries, if you wanted a nex-5 a vg10, and an alpha d-slr, you’d need one lens adaptor fo the alpha lenses and three propriety batteries and chargers, and oh yeah, the auxillary flash is proprietary as well…

      To be honest, I’d keep an eye on Samsungs offerings over the next couple years… I’m sick of the extra gear I gotta carry to run two systems, (Sony and Pentax for me) and will consider jumping brands IF Samsung brings out an nx video camera and Pentax af adaptor….

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      Don, thanks for the response. I was looking at the Nex-5 to compliment the video cams that I have. I wanted to try the larger sensorfor video. I was interested in abillity for lower light shooting, depth of field, suitability for shooting longer than 10 minutes (no overheating issue as with A55, which has same sensor). Ilooked at and likedthe vg-10 but the Nex-5 has lower up front pricing. If money was not a consideration, I would probably choose the vg-10 to experiment with the larger sensor. I understand your frustration with Sony over proprietary stuff.

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      you need to look at the system as a whole…. lens selection, compatibility etc… for me, it would probably make sense to drop Sony, but… there is nothing being offered by Pentax in the way of interchangeable lens video cameras… most gear you’ll find right now are biased one way or the other in terms of video or still capability, the only truly multi media platform is Panasonics. If you need short clips to accentuate the video you’re getting with video camcorders, then you’ve got more options, but if you’re looking for longer clips, the nex vg10 is your best bet…. but you will still find yourself shopping for lenses and adaptors if you want a “Cinematic” look…

Viewing 3 reply threads
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