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      Hey guys,

      I’ve noticed that I’m really getting into a slump lately with my videos. I keep tending to get the same demographic group ordering my weddings (Caucasian, fairly well-to-do, mid to late 20’s, etc…), and lately I’ve gotten to the point where I keep recycling the same songs over and over in the wedding videos.

      Anyway, aside from just wanting to refresh the ol’ video mill so it doesn’t get boring, I also had a couple who got me good by having the pastor at the wedding I just filmed sing one of the songs I sometimes use (a Ukulele version of somewhere over the rainbow). He even had a live ukulele accompaniment!

      Anyway, What are some of your favorite songs to use in wedding videos? Do you try to give something new to everyone, or do you sometimes play off the fact that not a lot of couples will ever compare videos, and use the same songs over and over.

      I used to try and put different stuff into every video. I think now I’ve either gotten lazy, or I just know the timing in some of these songs so well that I like having them in a video.

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      Of course my first thought is to always use royalty free music (Sony Cinsescore and SonicFire Pro 4 are good ways to create somewhat unique stuff due to their new capabilities).

      That said – Some of my favorite pieces (that I’m using in my own personal wedding video) are:

      Enya – A Day Without Rain
      Enya – Watermark
      Yanni – To The One Who Knows
      Cait Agus Sean – Flying
      David Lanz – The Dragon’s Daughter

      Movie Themes & Asst. Music (various tracks):
      Rachel Portman – Cider House Rules
      Thomas Newman – Shawshank Redemption
      Thomas Newman – How To Make An American Quilt
      Thomas Newman – Meet Joe Black

      Fun (great for sped up sequences):
      The Pipkins – Gimme Dat Ding
      Body Rockers – I Like The Way You Move

      If you really want to see great music choices (and what I think is the best wedding video anywhere IMHO) look at Glen Elliot’s work (

      I have other suggestions (but hey – I’m kinda new at this so don’t mortgage the house on my advice) if you’re interested email me off list.

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      Great Lists guys! These are really helpful.

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      Hey there…

      thats a great list… just thought i add in a site that helped me with the music…

      Its at http://www.OPUZZ.COM they have a great selection of loops and even entire cd collections, all with previews b4 buy.

      Good quality with the tracks are well composed.


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      LYMster Wrote:

      Hey there…

      thats a great list… just thought i add in a site that helped me with the music…

      Its at http://www.OPUZZ.COM they have a great selection of loops and even entire cd collections, all with previews b4 buy.

      Good quality with the tracks are well composed.


      OK – I checked them out. Do you work there?

      I thought the music sounded "off" (looking for a better word but that’s all I could come up with). I only listened to about a dozen selections in five categories but it just didn’t sound right to me. For example, the 1812 Overture in the classical group had lousy percussion, at places where you expect hear cannons you don’t even hear a timpani – stuff like that.

      I think you’re better off with SonicFire Pro, Cinescore or any of the Digital Juice StackTraxx collection.

      Just my opinion – your mileage may vary.
      (Posted duplicate due to perceived spam)

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      anyone of guys can give some titles of instrumental songs that can be use in a wedding. a romantic songs.

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      If you want to keep on the safe side of the DMCA, try Digital Juice – They have their StackTraxx collection (I don’t work for them but have a truckload of their stuff) which has some great music and they have one volume named "Romantic Stacks" which makes for very good wedding music.

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      Though the music you are using may seem to be getting old because you keep using it, it is new to each client. I use Digital Juice Back Traxx music because of the very broad licensing agreement that allows a person to use the music for many applications without further fees. There are several songs I like but it does get boring using them over and over – But for my clients, its the first time for them.

      As far as copyright, its not just a money issue, but the author’s right to approve or disapprove how his or her music is used. Just because the CD was bought, that doesn’t give a person the right to use it beyond personal enjoyment. If the wedding party puts part of the wedding movie on YouTube, you could find yourself in court. There is a case with a woman who video taped her child dancing to a Prince song and put it on YouTube so her relatives could see how cute her kid danced. Prince is suing her.

      The music industry could increase its income by allowing people to pay a small fee to use their music in limited productions, like weddings, vacation videos, etc., At the rate the music industry is going with this copyright issue, some people are going to stop buying music in protest.

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      I use Shazam on my iPhone to collect music for my wedding videos. Keeps it all nice and fresh and helps me collect music whenever I come across a new tune. I was in the same boat getting fed up of the same old cheesy music on wedding videos. So now I send clients a helpful list with my favourite wedding dvd music which I have collected. Works a treat!!

      Beautiful Life Wedding Video

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      dewolfeis a good place to go

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      Narrator Tracks has a wedding section in their library if you need any instrumentals.

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      Ashley –

      I have promoted several websites for royalty free assets many times in the past, as have other well established members.

      You just sign on to the forums and the only thing you post is two messages toutng It begs the question “are you affiliated in any way with this website”?

      If so, this type of message, known as astroturfing, is frowned upon and generally reflects the webiste in question in a very poor light as to its’ legitimacy. If not, please forgive my misunderstanding.

      Please note, if you are trying to let others know of your website where they can purchase RF music we have no issue with that, only with what we have seen here many times in the past, where a poster pretends to be letting others think they “found” this resource instead of being up front about it being their own site.

      Again, if I am am mistaken, I heartily apologize. If not, please refrain from posting like this again.

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      Bruce, actually there was a third one by Ashley and it was blatant advertising/astroturfing and I removed it. I left the other two due to the fact that so many others had posted various links. In the removed post Ashley admitted working for the company in question. I wanted to do more, or make cautionary statements similar to yours but wasn’t sure how far to take it. I share your sentiments, and both of us, I’m sure, reflect the basic policies VM has for posting here.

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      I came to the forums looking through the various “bang for your buck” videocamera questions to see what kind of advice was given as I’m in the market for a higher end videocamera for my dad for father’s day. I just began interning for this company that I have used their music for various advertising classes throughout college and thought I’d recommend them as well as try to get advice on how to improve their website. Really sorry if I was wrong in my postings!

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      Two that I really really like:

      Let It Be Me – Ray LaMontagne

      Lovesong – Adele

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       I recently did a wedding and used “Om nashi me” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It was probably one of the most moving videos I’ve ever done

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      I usually let the Bride and Groom decide what they would like for an intro,outro etc. If they leave it up to me I go for what type of wedding it was…20 year olds have different likes than 30 year olds. I am a twenty year musician veteran andI have even gone as far as using my own copyrighted stuff..for the most part I will use new age generic or current pop depending on wedding flow.


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      Guys, listen to these pieces too – the author is a wonderful pianist and composer and his music is really beautiful! Sooo full of LOVE.
      The first track is AWESOME for any wedding video, I think.


      Epic Happy End –


      Angel –



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      Fresh Tracks for weddings , advertising , video games , video clips and movies:

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      here is link of good lyrics website . just open the link and search any song without clicking on adds.
      Hope you will like this web.

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      Just thought I would update things here and highly recommend Hope this helps πŸ˜‰

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      At you can get  a special Wedding Music Bundle – organized into 4 themes:
      Ceremony,  Friends & Family, The Party, Deep Emotions. Perpetual rights: Pay once, use forever…

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      Bella GordenBella Gorden

      You could find lots of songs for weddings, and if you want to add Apple Music songs to your wedding videos, you can use TunesKit Audio Converter to convert Apple Music to MP3 first. Then you can freely add Apple Music songs to your videos.

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      I am recording weddings. There are times when couple is choosing music that plays when they are walking in to the receiption or ceremony. At the same time, speeker is talking. I am not sure if music that couple use is copyrighted. In order for me to use voice of the speeker I have to include part of pottentially copyrighted music. Can I be sued by the artist for including part or even whole song in the video and publishing it? 

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