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      Where can I get songs or background music that I can use in a video with no legal issues???


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      πŸ™‚ Ken Hull

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      There are many options available to you.

      There are various buyout libraries for sale – some good, some not – everywhere from very cheap ($20 and up on eBay) to reasonable ($99 StackTraxx from Digital Juice – much less if you wait for their deals) to expensive (I’ve seen libraries being sold for $thousands).

      There are also programs that will generate royalty free music at the lengths you nee – I have both Sonic Fire Pro and CineScore and use them both. There is also a package called Band-In-A-Box which sounds a bit hokey at first but I know someone who uses it and if you understand music (specifically can identify chord progressions) you can get some amazing stuff from it.

      I’m sure more folks will chime in with their suggestions – Do a search here for roaylty free music and I’m sure you’ll also find more links.


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      Hi Rob,

      This is a question which has come up many, many times but there are countless sources to choose from these days.

      Take a look here, there should be plenty to get you started:
      2b Royalty Free – Production Music Library

      Good luck with your project!


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      Have a look at
      They’re new so there aren’t thousands of tracks but it’s seriously good quality and both WAV and MP3 downloads. Really good prices too!

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