Somewhat distorted video (HDV > Vegas > SD DVD)

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      Good day,

      Sorry if I missed any detail regarding my problem during the "search"…. I really did try πŸ˜€

      I am struggling to get high quality video in SD format and I would like to know the "tricks"… My problem is that when ever I burn an SD DVD and view it on my 57" DLP set I notice distortion when ever the objects move. The best way to describe it is like this: If the video is of someones face and they are not moving, I can see every wrinkle and facial defect with extreme clarity. When the individual moves the wrinkles etc. turn into a soft mosaic blur.

      Now for some background: I am expecting to get the same SD quality from my handycam as I can get from a SD rental DVD movie. I can get very close to HD video quality from SD DVD rentals by running them through up-converting DVD player. I want the same quality from the handycam videos that I burn to DVD. So far, I can’t get the same quality and I am struggling to figure out why.

      My process to date:

      * I set the HDR-HC7 to record: HDY1080i
      * I capture the video to my PC using i-link in HDV format. I insure the i-link conversion is off so it sends HDV to the computer.
      * I just downloaded Vegas 7.0 and am using it to edit. I transfer the video to DVD architect through Vegas and burn the DVD.

      My specific questions are:

      1. Is my expectation to get near HD quality out of my HC7 video to a SD DVD to high?

      2. What are the optimal settings in Vegas to achieve the very best SD DVD quality?

      Thanks a bunch

      Jeff B

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      Sounds like motion artifacts from HDV compression. To record HD onto a minDV tape, you’ve got to go through a LOT of compression. I think your camcorder has an HDMI output. If you could go directly from that to a hard drive, recording uncompressed HD, that should get you a professional video look, without motion artifacts. Of course, you would need a very large hard drive to hold all that uncompressed HD content. Check out the "Convergent Design ships HDMI to HD-SDI converter" blog entry on this website. I’m not sure what hard drive setup you would need. Might check the Focus Enhancements website. I think their FS-100 recorder for the HVX200 can record in some low-compression formats.
      Hope this help. πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      I’m a mac guy, but here’s my experience…
      hi def is highly compressed.
      unless you are burning blue-ray or hd-dvd discs your video will be compressed twice! that’s where your problem lies.
      my sony hdr hc1 shoots standard dv format incredably well, better than most pro dv cams (I dare not say all, else risk sparking a lengthy and heated debate). that’s one solution to the problem. The other is this: I play my hi def content directly off my mac to my tv (the new apple tv promises to be a great addition to my set-up), even a mac mini with a big external hd will prove cheaper than running a hi def burner for thre time being.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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