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      For nearly a year I’ve been posting about the revolution DSLR cameras have been causing and posting ‘beauty’ vids from the cam’s in action. However, my posts have been lopsided towards the Canon line of rigs. In an attempt to be balanced, here’s a short vid by Carolyn Pitcavage called Uncle Jack. Normally, quirky flicks give me the hives, but this one was worth the initial itching. It was shot with the Pentax K7. Enjoy.

      Uncle Jack from Carolyn Pitcavage on Vimeo.

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      sooo good

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      hey, pooh bear, what are you doing up?

      this clown was actually funny!

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      “This clown was actually funny!”

      “Oh my God! I’m shot!”


      That’s a line you don’t hear from a clown everyday. The ending made the flick for me. “Yay! Magic Pills!”

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      “Not the dry stuff, not the dry stuff”

      I think that’s the first time in my life a clown has made me laugh.

      What a terrific short, and beautifully shot too

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      I avoid ‘comedy’ scripts like the plague as it is much harder to be funny than anyone would believe. However, dark humor like this is much easier because the situations are so awful you can’t help but laugh at it.

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      Interesting. Same lead, little girl, and production team as INK –
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      I liked “Ink” a lot. Less quirky, great movie imho. Available on the netflix instant situation.

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      “I avoid ‘comedy’ scripts like the plague as it is much harder to be funny than anyone would believe. However, dark humor like this is much easier because the situations are so awful you can’t help but laugh at it.”

      Good writing is good writing, and this was particularly good. Becoming quotable is the high mark for that sort of thing as evidenced in these comments.

      Excellent casting and direction didn’t hurt this a bit either.

      I appreciate you finding and posting it, I hadn’t laughed like that in some time, but then I watch a lot of film fest stuff

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      Whenever I run across interesting stuff I try to put it up particularly so the new shooters and producers can see you don’t need tons of money or the absolute ‘to die for gear’ to make memorable films. Just so happens this one was made with a Pentax K7, but it could have been shot with nearly anything long as the image quality didn’t distract from the story.

      Having entered many film fests and shown in a few, I’m more than happy to point out someone’s work if I think it’s worth mentioning. In this case, I wanted to showcase something shot with something other than a Canon or Nikon DSLR. If you are interested in how today’s DSLR’s stack up against film, take a look at my post ‘The Great Shootout is Here!’ I think you’ll be quite surprised.

      Oh and you’re quite welcome.

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      After enjoying the short so much I almost forgot it was a showcase vehicle for the video capabilities of a DSLR.

      I’ve been looking at the T2i and didn’t even know Pentax was in the running.

      After I post this I’ll seek out your post on the Zacuto tests, which have been pretty interesting, particularlyin seeing how fast the technology is moving.I was marvelling at the images I was getting out of my original series Optura not4 years ago and now look what we have to choose from!

      These are very cool times

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      “These are very cool times.”

      Cool indeed. I remember not quite 20 years ago when the first Sony Handycam came out and someone shot a commercial with it. I remember thinking ‘Oh it’s on now! An affordable video camera with an acceptable image!’ Not long after that DV came about and I was fortunate enough to be part of a team to take the XL1 out into the field and thinking like Will Smith in ID4, “Oh I got to get me one of these!” Looking at these tests, those words are bouncing around in my head again.

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