Something similar to the Canon XH-A1?

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      I’m a new member to the forum!

      I am currently looking for something like a Canon XH-A1, however it’s out of my budget range which is $1500-$2000.

      Any other recommendations or sites that offer good deals?

      Other cameras with the specs I’m looking for are:

      Canon XA-10

      Canon XH-G1

      Panasonic AG-HPX170
      Thank you so much!!

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      If you use the search function on these forums, I think that you will find lots of discussions about some or all of these models and I am sure that others who have experience with them will chime in. BHphoto is a good starting point for a good selection of equipment and reasonable prices. I’ve ordered and received many things from them and was very satisfied. Also consider used from ebay bhphotoetc. to get a start for a little less out of your pocket.

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      Digital – it’s going to be hard to find the XH-G1 or the AG-HPX170 for less than $2000. And I know that a lot of experienced pro shooters swear by HDV or P2 work flows, but I’m not a big fan of either bulky tape or $360 P2 cards.

      The only camera on your list in the <$2000 price range is the XA10, which has the additional benefit of inexpensive SDHC/SDXC card workflow, light weight and compact size. The nearest competition to the XA10 is the $1795 Panasonic AG-HMC40 — but it doesn’t have the XA-10’s built-in XLR mic inputs.

      If you don’t absolutely need 1080p, and 1080i is good enough, you can save a little money and get the shoulder mount form-factor with the $1750 Sony HXR-MC2000U.

      A great XA10 review from B&H here.

      A great field test of the camera from The Camera Store in Calgary here.

      Hope this is helpful,


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