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      Hi everybody,

      i’m new here as in videomaker’s world too.

      My name is Matteo and i come from a weird country from Eeurope…too weird to put the name here…anyway, i’ve just signed a new account here cause i need to get different confrontation with different and various point of views.

      First of all, i’d like to show you the last one, a viral made for an italian shirt’s brand.

      Shots were made with a Canon XHA1s + SgBlade + Nikon 50mm 1:1,8f. This is the configuration i use to apply on all of my productions.

      This is the promo of my last videoclip, made for an indipendent singer named DORIAN.

      You can see the full lenght video on (wich is my website).

      Here’s the clip:

      As the previous one, CanonXha1s + SgBlade and Nikon lenses were used (50 and 28 mm).

      You can find 2 making of the clip about “set extensions” and “color correction” here:

      and here:

      Dorian’s one was my second music video, and here’s my first one, made for STEREOLINE, another indipendent pop band:

      Same camera set-up.

      Cold Hype is my first project, my first application on the set, my first madness:

      it was ment to be a PitchTrailer of an original script, wiche never seen the light…it was made in 2008.

      Configuration is about Canon XHA1 and nothing else…just used basic lenses, and made a hard color correction.

      Last but not least, an easy promo made for a fotographer friend of mine, Luciano Consolini:

      Same configuration of ever used, but no prelight made, no pre production, no color correction…shooten as i felt it πŸ˜€

      So, that’s all for now, i’ve nothing to show you more, but i’m workin hard to get more customers and more videos.

      Hope to get some suggestions and feedback from you.


      Matteo G.

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      Matteo G., last but not least, nice short clip certainly kept my attention, beautiful women helps there. I want one of those Italian shirts (Max Martini)! Nice dramatic editing. ‘Cold Hype’ crisp editing style stirs interest in what was to come after, but unfortunately didn’t. The demo clips of the post-production techniqueswere very instuctive, could be made into tutorial for editors. I know you mentioned camera/lenses, but what were your tools in post, editing software,plugins, etc.Keep shooting.

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      Thanks for your reply and your compact and dense analysis, it sounds sincere.

      I use to work on Windows’s platform, through adobe’s applications.

      No plugins used, except for particular cases. Usually, post
      production in my works is about “set extensions” (made firstly in
      photoshop or 3d applications such 3d studio max) and “selective color
      correction”, making rotoscoping for every shape needed (ex. skin, hairs,
      lights, shadows, clothes…) in every single frame, and doing a custom
      color correction depending on psychology needed in the shoot or details.
      Before every project starts, i try to setting up a custom color
      correction directly on the camera, to give a different personality to
      the image, then i retouch it on After Effect.

      That’s what i do usually.

      Thanks for your questions and encouragement.

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      Matteo G. thanks for the response. Top notch videos. The amount of forethoughtused before shooting as well as the attention to detailinvolved in post are very apparent in the final product. I hope others on the forum view your work and share their input with you. Keep shooting.

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