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      I’ve been researching and posting here for about six or seven months now, and have accumulated a number of vids to share. Figured I might as well share ’em here.

      I am filming a number of scenes from a screenplay I wrote (to eventually be edited into a trailer). I’m also documenting the process behind-the-scenes, and releasing semi-regular featurettes called “On Set”. I just released the fourth one yesterday and I think I’m finally comfortable with asking for more professional feedback.

      A bit about my setup: Panny PV-GS250 with an audio technica atr-55 mic. Lighting: two sets of halogen work lamps and a few halogen clamp lights (I love those things). This is my first crack at “real” lighting and I can already see a few spots for improvement. Editing was achieved on an iMac G5 using Final Cut Express HD.

      Having said all that, here is the link to the short vid:

      I have pretty broad shoulders, and I’m aware of my status as a novice-slash-beginner so criticism of the constructive variety would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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