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      On occasion there have been some discussions on whether potential filmmakers should go to filmschool, just jump into the industry from the ground up or just get a camera and start shooting. As someone who got into the industry as a mixture of all the above, it’s been my experience that some of each doesn’t hurt. In this discussion of ‘Film Fellas’ the topic of going or not going to filmschool goes to the real-world expectations and the realities one faces when deciding which path to take into the industry.

      FilmFellas – webisode 26 from Zacuto USA, Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

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      I don’t think it is worth going to film school nowadays… I mean, i rather just get a degree in engineering (my family is a family of engineers, and no one has ever been without a job since they graduated) and then, after my life is stable, pursue my passion. Making videos is getting easier and easier every single day… for example, my cousin, who is 6, can get the camera, record some stuff, go to Movie Maker, render the movie, and burn it to a DVD. Now, imagine in 30-40 years. I think what reallydifferentiatesonevideo makerto another is not if they went to college or not, but how creative they are. Take those “Computer Classes” for old people in your local library as an example (Not sure if yours have it, but mine does). It teaches how to use the internet for old people. But nowadays if we see one of those classes, someone is probably going to say that it is just pathetic, because it is just a part of our lifestyle. I am sure the same will happen to film school.

      Well , that’s the opinion of an 14 years old… =]

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      Going to filmschool is just like you going to school to be an engineer. You don’t have to go to university to build stuff either. However, people willing to spend money for you to professionally design structures or machinery will be much more confident in your ability if you did. Now having an engineering degree won’t make you a great engineer. It will still come down to your talent and passion for the work. All the degree does is give you the opportunity to explore the field in a controlled environment and gain other needed information in a short period of time.

      I’ve been to technical schools and universities for study of film & tv production both as a novice and a returning professional. The thing I got from those experiences is the opportunity to work in a controlled environment where I got specific feedback on my work and the opportunity to work with others who may be potential collaborators outside the school environment. I could have just as easy gone out and slogged through it with just a camera and some books on my own. But just because I could have done it that way did not mean I ever would have known what I was doing.

      Filmschool is not an ‘end all’ solution. Whether you go to school or apprentice you’re still going to have to work and build up your skills, reel and rep. Though amateurs get lucky sometimes, a trained pro doesn’t have to rely on luck. Going to filmschool is no guarantee you’ll work in the film & tv biz just like having an engineering degree is no guarantee you’ll be an engineer. But, having the training does lower the odds for you.

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