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      Admittedly, I’m a total Noob. I’ve composed a documentary and would like to offer it as a download. My question is what format(s) should I be considered for rendering? AVI seems large (and more targeted toward DVD applications). MPEG2 seems to be a good fit. What about WMV? Any guidance or the pointing to an article or resource would be greatly appreciated.

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      “AVI seems large (and more targeted toward DVD applications).”

      No. MPEG2 is for DVD

      H.264 might not be a bad codec. You maintain good quality and compress to a small file size as well. Here’s a tutorial I made on compressing for the web:

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      I personally like MP4 wrapper with H.264 compression or FLV with one of the VP6 variants.

      If I’m posting to YouTube, I go with MP4. I recently did about a 3:30 piece in MP4 at 960 X 540 (I forget the bit rate but it was I think 2mbps or 4mbps) which came out to about 55mb.

      If I’m hosting on a web page, I often go with FLV (or SWF if it’s short).

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      IN theory, people will download the video and watch on their machine. This will not be streamed or hosted at any site. Does that change things?

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      robgrauert’s video is worth a look (above) then, if it’s downloaded and watched from machines. He makes a good point about “what software will your viewers use to view the video on their machines?” (Not everyone has Quicktime, for example.) Almost everyone with a PC can run WMV, I’d bet, but can Mac folks? I don’t know. Seems like that’s a big concern when deciding which format.

      Any idea what software they’d be using?

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