Some help with wedding sound?

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      Hello all!

      I have just about completed the compilation of 4hours of tape into the video of my Brother In Law’s wedding. Not to worry it all falls into the hour long mass wedding time frame! 😯

      I have gotten all of tthe video work done and I found that the easiest way to sync all of the audio to the video is to leave each clip with it’s own audio not the "main" audio track. Whichever track is the main feature of the time leave that audio in the video and mute all the others. (I shot the wedding using 3 different cameras set up in different locals around the church)

      My problem is this: each camera has it’s own sound "signature". Each has a little different hum, acustics, echo, amplitude, etc. ( you get the idea 😀 )

      I’m using Video Studio 11+ as my NLE software. Once the project is completed I was thinking about creating an audio file of the entire video and moving it to Audacity and trying to clean it up some and even it out a little. Do you think normalizing it would help this? Any suggestions as to what would help?

      Once the audio file is cleaned up I’ll reinstall the track to the project and viola?

      Thanks in advance for all of your help.


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      Sounds like you have the right idea. That’s probably what I would do too. Either that or you might be able to group them all together and edit the audio track within Studio 11. Doesn’t it come with WaveLite Lab or something like that? I’m pretty sure it can be done without exporting first if it’s anything like Studio 10.

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      Just a suggestion: instead of cutting audio clips hard, try to crossfade them. Ulead VS11 allows you to do that manually. Then in DVD burning section check off "Normalize Audio". It may help.

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