Some DVD players yes, some no.

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      I just sold fifty copies of my most recent production. A few people returned their DVD’s saying they wouldn’t play in their DVD players. The display in their players just read “Loading” for a very long time, and never playing.

      I exchanged their DVD’s with another (haven’t heard if the new one worked or not yet). When I put their “defective” DVD in my player at home, it played flawlessly.

      Any ideas as to the problem?

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      what brand and what type of dvdr’s are you using?

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      I have been using Memorex 16x DVD-R’s.

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      Hi, That depends on several things.First ask the person if their standalone DVD player reads DVD-R or DVD+R? second ask them if their system
      plays back any copied DVDs. Some newer model brands such as Sony
      don’t read the copy DVDs some cheaper price DVD players such as Apex,Philips etc… will play back anything that throw into them. It might also be a defected or coaster DVD!!

      Brother Matthew

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      This whole format thing drives me nuts. Why aren’t there standards? I see you are a Web developer. It reminds me of how you have to test Web sites to see how they will work in the different browsers.

      I switched from +R’s to -R’s because there was a problem with a different customer on a different project, and the switch did the trick. I thought the -R’s were considered the more universal.

      What do the commercial DVD’s use?

      I did hear back from the guy later yesterday, and his new disc worked fine.

      I presume when you say “older” DVD player, that could mean a player from 2003? (what does that make me, ancient?)

      What brand of disc do you guys like? Sony, Fuji…?

      To put all my cards on the table; I didn’t “sell” the production, but gave them away in exchange for a minimum “donation.”

      I am a middle school teacher. Last year one of our school’s and community’s most beloved veteran teachers died very suddenly on the job. We are raising money to construct a large memorial garden in the court yard of our new building (we move in next fall). Anyway, we held a teacher talent show and sold tickets for the cause. I then made a video of the show and made it available for the minimum donation of $10. Of course everyone received a brochure from my video tribute and memorial business along with their DVD.

      The shooting of the video wasn’t planned. It was rather spontaneous, but I was able to get video from two different cameras. So I managed to do some hard work in the editor and put something together that everyone was excited about.

      In the spring there will be a student talent show. I am trying to figure out how to sell DVD’s of that event and still comply with copyrights of the various songs performed in it. If I can work that out, it is very likely to be quite profitable.

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      My computer has a dual layer DVD and CD burner (it’s a Dell system). If a -R DVD is burned on it, it will never play in a DVD player or on a computer. Only on my computer at home where it was done.

      The Adobe Premiere Elements manual had info on which DVD to use in the dual layer drive, and now anything I burn on a +R will play anywhere – on other DVD players and the computers at work.

      So now I’ve got a cake box of -R’s decorating my desk… 🙂

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      Go to ( and look under the Lists section (left column, 3rd group) for media reviews/ratings as well as player compatibility.

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      Okay, thanks for all the help, or at least input. It sounds like the -R’s are still the better way to go, but there is no sure thing…Grrr

      That dual layer thing sounds like your drive might be slightly out of whack; kind of like many of my students where they are the only ones that can read their own writing. But I really don’t know anything about the dual latyer “thingy” – what it is, or why I would need it.

      As far as the copyright issue: I get nervous as there are an awful lot of lawyers in my district.

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      Copyright is always a touchy issue.

      In OZ, if we videotape a concert /tallent show we need to have a one off permit – this allows the lawful conversion of copys right forms. What I mean is that when you purchase say sheet music, also included is the price is the copyright right to change it from the written form (sheet music) to the audible form (perfromed / played music). When you video tape, you convert from the performance to recorded performance form. Now if you talent concert is all original music and lyrics then you are ok. If you use recorded music and change the lyrics- you’re in trouble.
      By the way – anyone dancing using cd music to dance to is infringing copyright is they do not have a permit to use the music in a public place.

      It’s a darn pain.

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      I use the DVD-r format and find it has the least problems.
      I ahve a AU$1500 Pioneer DVD player that is sooooo touchy when it comes to DVD. My son purchased a Cheap unit (AU$60 – in oz thats cheap, and the darn thing playes everything.
      My brother-in law ahs two identical DVD players, one will play a DVD of his daughters Debutante ball, the other will not. We tried a different Disc, different brand and a different format and it still wont play.

      This technology is not what it is made out to be either. Depending on the brand of recordable DVD, it could last 6 months, it could last 6 years.
      Depends in the Dyes they use and they way the dic is manufactured.
      Even the comercial ones don’t always last and they are pressed.

      I don’t have duel layer burning equipment, but some of my friends do, and they say -R will only play on hteir computer, whilst +R works on all machines.
      Duel layer sounds interesting and probably ideal fro those who produce long video. I generally produce 20 -30 mins and it fits on standard DVD okay.
      I did try a 2 hour holiday video, it was compressed and the quality was very good. I still think no matter how good the video quality, editing, music, etc, etc, etc,…. Two hours of holiday footage is too much

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      And how!

      That reminds me of my old DJ days. I did the overnight shift on Christmas Eve – six straight hours of commercial free Christmas music. From there the drive to my folks house was an hour and a half. I had to drive in silence.

      I just got an email from the US copyright office. It is pretty heavy reading, so I haven’t sifted through it yet, so we’ll see what they have to say.

      Thanks for all the input.

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