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      I wanted to get this solution on record here because when I was having problems with my eSATA drive, I searched the website and didn’t find this solution. In fact, after an extensive search of video, ASUS, ACOM and other related forums, I finally got to this solution via the help desk at NCIX.COM, the people who build me my editing computer.

      THE PROBLEM: my external drive, an ACOM 750 Gb eSATA drive (back up), was preventing WINXP from booting. At first, it simply refused to accept a write, then it prevented the boot. I could only boot with the drive off and, of course, the eSATA is not a PNP device – it needs a boot to work.So I tried my two other ACOM drives, both 1Tb, and they didn’t work either. So I swapped the cable; no go. On my non-editing computer, on which I installed an eSATA card, the cables and drives worked fine. So I figured it was my ASUS P6T m/b with the built in eSATA connector. Oh, BTW, when the m/b ships, eSATA is not enabled in the BIOS.

      THE SOLUTION: unhook all the USB connections, boot up, shut down, reconnect everything and all is well.

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      Weird. I currently have eSATA drive connected to a Vista 64x computer with no prob. I will keep an eye out when I hook up one to my old XP NLE.

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