Solstice Sunrise

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      June 21st 2009. Allison and I stayed up all night and headed to the top of Tumwater hill about 4:30 am to watch the sun rise. Still in the honeymoon phase with my new
      Panasonic HMC-150, still getting to know it, to understand it’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations. A beautiful sunrise. Saw a rabbit while up there, he made it in to the video, and helped me
      realize what music I wanted to cut this to. “Time” is one of my all time favorite songs. I know I’m not supposed to use it, but I could think of nothing else that seemed more fitting to me than this song. I’m not making any money on this video, and I gave credit, so we’ll see what happens…

      At full resolution some of the darker areas seem a bit noisy. I’ve been quite impressed with the camera overall so far – caveat; the chassis seems cheap to me. It’s all plastic. After coming from the DVX-100b and it’s solid magnesium alloy chassis, the HMC seriously seems like it could never be as durable as the DVX. Not that I plan on dropping it – and I realize that plastics are a phenomenal material. In all actuality, it’s probably fine, it just feels cheap.

      Any words of encouragement or condemnation are respected and/or appreciated! Thanks.

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      Very pretty. I especially liked the shot at 1:12 – 1:39, the sun traveled across the sky with the music well. Some of the beats of the music didn’t match the cuts, and the rabbit felt out of place, but the overall video showed a beautiful morning for a nice Summer Solstice gathering. The imagery of the 150 was beautiful. I didnt see any grain or video noise, maybe its just the program I was viewing it through. This made me want to go out at 4:AM and shoot again like I did in the old days when shooting was number one and a full nights sleep took a backseat. Did you shoot all day?

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