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      Solid State Drives are the future of computers. Or at least that is my opinion. They very energy efficient, can take more of a beating, and are starting to provide some very nice read/write speeds. I’m sure we all can benefit from SSDs. As of right now, Solid State Drives are expensive, but prices are starting to drop, especially with amount of new models coming out.
      For those who don’t know, Solid State Drives are much faster and safer than harddrives because they don’t have any moving parts. This advantage is really what makes the difference. And as videomakers here, who usually put huge amounts of stress on their current harddrives with HD video and editing and need fast transfer and read/write speeds, we all need to upgrade in the future.

      At CES 2011, “
      OCZ has announced that it has launched new SSDs at CES today. The new SSDs are aimed at the professional, enterprise, and consumer users. The new SSDs include the SATA 6Gbps MLC NAND Vertex 3 Pro SSD with SandForce controller tech and performance of 80,000 IOPS and 550Mb/s transfer rates.

      OCZ is also unveiling the new Z-Drive R3 PCI-E SSD with a SandForce processor aimed at Tier-0/1 data applications. The SSD promises 135,000 IOPS and over 1GB/s of bandwidth. The storage device offers up to 1.2TB of storage in a small footprint.

      OCZ is also outing the IBIS XL that sees the new OCZ HSDL interface that was unveiled in Q4 2010. The new storage device has 4TB capacity and up to 1.8GB/s transfer speeds with 200,000 IOPS. SSDs aren??t all the company has at the show though; it also has power supplies and a lot more. “

      So as you can see, SSDs are set to out perform normal Harddrives for well into the future. Make a smart decision! When building your next computer, run your computer on Solid State Drives. If you are still doubting me, watch these two videos from last year.

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      Can you add on a solid state drive to an existing computer? I just bought my computer 3 weeks ago.

      Intel i7, 3.07GHz, 12 GB RAM

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      Yes, but there pretty expensive, as you’d pay a whole lot more for a 120GB solid state drive than you would a 120gb hardrive.

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      Some online computer centers are offering specials in the hundred dollar range for 30 Gig SSDs.

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      Just to be clear, solid states drives do in fact have moving parts – they are just very small. There are gates opening and closing to “store” the data. If you want speed it is still best to go with a SAS (serial attached scsi) drive. Current consumer level SSD’s are still not very reliable. Either buy an enterprise class SSD or stick to a fast “old” drive.

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