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      Any Videomaker Forum readers who are able to get past the “euwwwww” reaction interested in current, solid, informed information and samples focused on the grossly under served funeral and memorial video market. How to approach it, produce it and market it?

      I have more than 15 years experience in covering this market. The proposed information would not be free. Sorry.

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      Even if I don’t end up pursuing it, I think it would be interesting to learn more about that market.

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      It is, has been and can be a lucrative market for those who are not uncomfortable with end-of-life events. I’m putting something together that I think will offer up solid information from real-experience events over the past 15 years that can make the pursuit of this valid video production business easier.

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      I’ma former Paramedic, and a retired Nurse. End of life issues don’t bother me at all. I’m very eager to see what you put together. Earl, I can’t thank you enough for your solid input here. I’m new in videography as a business, although I’ve been producing my own dog training DVD’s for the last 5 years. I’m just new to doing projects for others.

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      An example of a little promo I made for my dog training site.


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      Interesting production, Evan. I’m sure there are countless dog enthusiasts who would be interested in learning how to personally train their pets. Of course the primary problem is reaching those people, getting them to find you on YouTube and the countless other elements that go into achieving a level of response that will generate sales, money or whatever it is you primarily want out of the effort.

      You did not indicate an interest in critiquing so I will not presume to offer any comments, only to say you have a handle on many of the important points dog owners need to comprehend about what you’re offering. The rest will develop over time and tighten up to the point the message is up front and at a good pace.

      Thanks for sharing. I appreciate what you do, what you’re trying to do, and can see that expanding your services as you solidify your video skills will build into a video business that can sustain or augment your lifestyle if that is what you want.


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      Thanks, Earl.

      I have a website with video clips, where all our DVDs and books are offered, as well as seminars and other services. That little promo was made for the site. I would love any critique you care to offer, as I have tons to learn! I’m not at all fragile. Thanks.

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      There is an organization called that enlists still photographers to photograph children end of life events of children. This is not a eeeeeew thing, it is a very sad event in that most of the children have lived only a few hours to a few days.

      In the event the parents want a photograph of their child, you are called by the hospital and must drop everything and go there immediately. The organization outlines exactly what is expected of you, but you provide the family with a few prints. You are not paid for this, but apparently parents sometimes buy enlargements or additional prints.

      These are still portraits, not clinical photos, so the guidelines of the organization might be useful in composing memorial videos.


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      Thanks, Jaimie, for that information. Certainly worth investigating as I prepare my materials. My general experience with “after the fact of death” productions (funerals and photo/music montages and tribute or end-of-life memorials is quite a bit different in scope to what you describe with Now I lay me… but I can certainly see some correlation.

      EVAN: You have ALL the components needed (if not a bit more closer shots to augment the distance shots) and I do not presume to understand what all is expected or wanted/needed by dog enthusiasts seeking the kind of knowledge you certainly possess.

      My initial perception aside from knowing this was a promo video and that the content was relevant was this:

      The music was incongruous with the tempo of the visuals.

      The information and transitional elements were slow by comparison.

      There was too much going on all at once for me to grasp anything but the apparent overall message.

      Instead of the push or pull diagonal transitions and the constant background I personally would cut on and off with titles and relative visuals.

      I would up-tempo the visuals to match the audio bed, or find a less energetic audio bed and use longer (lingering) info points rather than slowly bringing them in or out.

      I would reduce the number and variety of fonts, make them a bit larger and keep with sans serif font styles.

      I would attempt to identify and utilize some closer, tighter shots rather than having a predominance of long or wide shots where I cannot grasp the details as well.

      PLEASE KNOW, Evan, I am NOT an prima dona and I do not consider myself the be all, end all expert. I do have experience, have been blessed with a degree of success and know what works for me, what I like to see and hope I have a general handle on what keeps people focused on my productions.

      I DON’T DO SLOW, nor do I do the Hyper-fast super-fast cutting style prevalent in today’s video market, nor the disconcerting over-exaggerated hand-held (Cloverleaf, or Blair Witch) styles. I may be a product of my age 😉

      And I do not in any way mean to imply that your work isn’t workable or working or effective just as it is. I visited your website and was quite impressed with an intro teaser you had posted there.

      Hope I’ve not hit you wrong with all this.

      Regards, Earl

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      I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to provide your assessment. I’m delighted to get this kind of feedback. I’m thirsty for it. While I appreciate feedback from laymen, it’s far more valuable to have someone experienced in the business provide this kind of insight. I have nowhere else to turn as yet, and I want to produce quality video.

      I have done a tiny amount of slow-mo, but mostly don’t care for it. he Blair Witch stuff drives me nuts. It seems popular for some made for TV stuff, but to me it screams “We didn’t have talent, so we did this instead!”

      I like some of the fast cut work, but only when it’s done by pros who know how to use it effectivley. I’m not there yet, so I don’t use it. Your comments on up-tempo visuals to match the audio bed, or finding a less energetic audio bed and use longer (lingering) info points rather than slowly bringing them in or out make sense. Would you mind if I post up an occasional sample to see if I’m on track? It would mean a great deal to me having your assessment.

      Thanks, Evan

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      Evan, I will do my best to give you solid professional feedback anytime you post a sample and request my assessment. I appreciate that you have THAT level of faith in me. You’ve certainly established a great niche market for yourself and I hope it will develop into a solid business and marketing program for you.

      My other video focus on funerals and memorial services, and on the global branding/marketing for Video StoryTellers!will be augmented over time by development of how-to video and printed resources for independent professional video services providers at all levels of business and experience.

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