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      I am a newbie. I need everything 🙁 What I want to do is weekend horse shows, and cheer comps, etc. sell dvd’s at the show, hopefully same day edits. So I don’t know if I need a laptop, or one of those Magic Boxes that will do it all and spit out a awesome dvd. Just kidding. I’ve been looking at Casablanca S4000, the Applied Magic Screenplay Epic, and Newtek. All of thoseunits are quite pricey. I have been serching online at reviews for weeks and I am so confused. My only knowlege is Pinnacle studio 9-12, but I really want something nicer and that doesn’t crash so much.

      So my needs are: 1-Editing system thats portable, (and EASY)a a pro camcorder, I would like HD, and it needs to be something that will be good for working in arenas and outside.

      I wish I could just buy a (used)studio in a box, there are just so many decisions.

      Thanks Tammi

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      I do understand where you would LIKE to go with your video business, but just wondered if you saw my message response to YOUR recent message. Otherwise, it will be interesting to see what kind of responses you get.

      Undoubtedly, an editor in a box would be your most simple approach. Software/hardware approach can be much more complex, but would likely be needed should you pursue HD production right from the get-go.

      Good luck.

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      Sign me up for one of those magic boxes also 🙂

      I do same day turn around for my church, and let me say first off, it’s a pain in the south end. The key to quick turn around is doing it right the first time, spending hours in post production fixing audio, croping shots, and retaking is a killer. Don’t get me worng, backup audio is a good thing but the key is not to use it.

      Not knowing anything about horse shows i’m not sure what advice to give, but same day turn around you will want to have a theme in mind before you get there, already know what the end product will look like and shoot it. I respect your boldness, taking on a job like this as a newbie takes guts.

      You may want to conciter taking smaller steps, such as giving yourself more time to edit. Unless your a master at editing, your final product is going to look rushed. it only cost about $3.00 to mail a dvd, take orders at the show and give yourself at least 10 days to deliver, remember always under promise and over deliver. in time once you have done a few you may be able to edit on site, i’m trying to picture what it would be like, I have shot a few events and each time it required voice over dialog to make it right, to do that you will need a sound proof trailer to edit in, and those bad boys start at $30K.


      No question a lap top is the way to go, what platform, well that question will light a firestorm around here. My personal preferance is a mac with adobe premiere. Since it’s a event and most of the time outdoors do not forget a really good camera light. what a light in the day time and outdoors, trust me you’ll need it.

      a good shotgun mic and a blimp covered by a dead cat, don’t forget a flash card recorder for backup audio.

      as far as HD goes that’s going to be hard to do on site and the same day depending on how long the final product is going to be. HD rendering takes time and lots of computer power to do.

      Hope this helps

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      Hello, thanks for the replies. I watched Anderson’s instant dvd video, and he doesn’t do any editing for that. His dance comps are a minute or so long, so he does more like a assembly line. He does bring pre-printed dvds. Then he offers edited dvd by mail.His setup is very simple yet very organized.

      At horse shows, classes can be up to a hour long or longer, depending on the entries. So I thought instant would be good, then riders can study the video to prepare for the championship classes, usually held the next day.

      I guess I wanted the instant to be fancy, I just don’t see how to do that without spending a ton of $$$

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