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I'm new to the video editing world and was wondering if anyone knows if there is any software training or workshops for Sony Vegas Pro 8? I live in Oklahoma and i'm looking to find someone local or even in the state to give some hands on training. Anyone know of a source? Thanks.

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Take a look at VASST for training DVD's and stuff like that. For local training, check with your local college/university and the Oklahoma State Film Commission for more info.

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Composite1 is dead on about VASST - They are very good and have stellar software as well as training.

You can also go through the archives (if you have enough time) of the official Sony Vegas forums ( Some folks there are less than tolerant of newbies (I've been flamed before) but most are very helpful (including folks like Douglas Spotted Eagle, John Rofrano, many others).

There is also Ed Troxel's forum (Ed is the author of Excalibur) - - Ed also has how-to newsletters on the site.

As a rule, read all you can - I'd probably stay away from the YouTube based tutorials as I have found some that are just plain wrong (or more annoying than me at the very least). The forums here plus the ones I mentioned will give you a good background.

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You can look at VTC Computer software training. They have hundreds of tutorials and several of Vegas. I learn Vegas Pro with an 8 hours video tutorial, a lot of patience and with the strong determination that I wanted to learn to edit videos professionally. About the workshops, why not created a "fictional workshop" like I did. I took my video camera and record me in three different angles, in the same place, and doing something different on every angle. Then I went to Vegas to make three clones of me. This was horrible, frustrating, time consuming (Weeks doing a 2.5 min video) but in the end I learn how to use Vegas. If you really want to learn make challenge for yourself and like Birdcat said "As a rule, read all you can"


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