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      My wife shot some video on a JVC camcorder. The file has a lot of background noise, which I want to remove. I have Pro Tools, for music recording/editing, which I have used to do such work, by using the EQ and noisegates.

      Does anyone know of any video software that I can get to edit the audio from the video file? (MPEG) Or is there software I can use to remove the audio from the file, clean it up in Pro Tools and then synch back up to the video?

      Thanks for your help.

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      Any Non-linear editor (NLE) will allow you to seperate audio from the video and replace it with a “cleaned” version.

      I use Sony Vegas Pro and it has some very nice audio tools built in (no need to process externally for most things – In fact, all audio tracks get EQ, Compression and Noise Gate filters by default) – It also integrates very well with Sound Forge for more advanced options.

      That said, I still think the best audio tool I have seen is Adobe Audition (not Soundbooth). It has some very powerful tools (like visual auidio editing) but seems to be very advanced (read tough to learn).

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      take a look at soundforge or izotope

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      Audacity is great entry-level freepro software that has a Noise Removal tool.

      If you are trying to record location sound and avoid background noise, you may want to look into getting an external microphone. This won’t be too hard (other than finding a good mic) if your camcorder has a mic input. Otherwise, try and use Audacity’s tool – it’s actually a great tool for filtering sound from unwanted noise.

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