software to convert DV to 720p or 1080i

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      Is there any software that will convert DV to 720p or 1080i resolution?

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      I Use Pro Coder3 By Canapus , I can upscale the letter box and change the bit rate; but it doesnt make it HD(even though itis a HD-2 codec .M2T), You have needed to shot your video with a HD cam to get Hi-def. They only purpose for upscaling is the letter box to display corecttly on a LCD screen(Dosent change the quality its the same). Other that I see no reason to up scale.

      The only way I know how to upscale is by useing a hardware base rending card such as Blue Fish, and they are very costly usally upscaling cards start about 5k , Probley cheaper to buy a HD cam.

      If it was just a software issue to get true Hi-def there be no need forHD cams.

      Just my thoughts and Exp.

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