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      Hey does anyone know of the software or how to bring photos alive as if they were 3dimensional, in the way that you start with lets say a standard photo of 5 people standing in a line from the side, this is then made like a moving image for video with the camera zooming in and seeing sepperation between the people as if it was a 3 dimensional image. has nayone seen this effect it looks fantastic and brings everything alive??

      cheers MP

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      Yes. It’s fairly complicated but looks really cool. I use Adobe Photoshop and After Effects:

      In Photoshop:

      Duplicate a seperate layer for each 3D thing you want, thenmask out each thing/person, so it’s the only thingvisiblein it’s layer. Then you clone the 3D things/people out of the background layer as needed. Then you save.(You should have a layer for Tom, one for Betty, one for Jack and one background layer with Tom, Betty and Jack cloned out.You could also have a layer with the coffee table.Each person should be the only thing visible in their layer.)

      You need to import the Photoshop layers as a .psd, but I can’t remember if you need to export to that or not. It may be just the project as is. I’ll let you know.

      In After Effects:

      Import the .psd file and each layer from Photoshop should be it’s own layer in After Effects. Turn all layers to 3D by selecting all layers and clicking on the 3D icon in the timeline. Make a new 3D camera layer.

      Multiplane the layers by leaving the background layer where it is, but by dragging Tom, Jack and Betty(and coffee table)out and away from the background toward you. Make a camera move for the 3D camera in a nice pattern using keyframes.Select all layers except the camera and background andin the Layer Menu, click on Transform>Auto-Orient. Select Orient Towards camera or whatever is appropriate.

      Tweak, Save and Render. There. Lot ofexplanation but shouldn’t take too long. The hardest part is masking and cloning in Photoshop. But it looks REALLY COOL. Hope this helps.

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      Here is a video that shows you how

      Cutting Class: Moving Pictures (7:41)
      Using Still Images In Your Edits

      Often times an editor is left with no choice but to use still images in their sequence of moving images. This week, Chris “Ace” Gates takes you into the edit bay and shares some basic tips on the techniques of utilizing stills to move your audience.

      In DJTV at


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      thanks for your inputs Chris and Aspyrider I will give it a go and put some learning in place with some of the software! cheers MP

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