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      Hi all,

      I am just curious what people are using to organize and catalog their video clips (for Windows). I have come across several nice-looking consumer grade software programs for Macs, but I haven’t found anything quite like them for a Windows computer. I have seen a couple pro-level software packages, but they were very pricey.



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      Melissa, I might be able to help. ‘TMPGEnc’ has just such a programme, (forgive my spelling if you are in the US; I am in New Zealand), called ‘Karma’. The version I used, with considerable satisfaction, was the best of all prices, it was free at the time I test-drove it. I have an idea that it is available in two versions, and that the ‘lite’ version might still be free. I only abandoned it when my mass of footage began to overflow it, somewhat. (I recently filled my 100th DVD of virgin-footage, and that was simply too much for it). I believe ‘Magix’ also has a similar programme for keeping tabs on still photographs and it may also be a ‘freebie’. It serves quite well for video, but is bit slowin my experience. I use the ‘pool’ system in my video-editor Magix ‘MEP-17 Pro Plus’, and a single click from the pool of footage, runs each clip on the monitor screen as a preview; two clicks loads it onto the timeline. Another possibility is the German-sourced Ashampoo ‘Photo-Commander’ (now up to v9.) as it shows a thumbnail for each clip, which is able to be ‘run’ on demand, plus comprehensive statistics alongside the thumbnail. It ‘costs’, but the price is not ‘way up there in the stratosphere, and best of all, you may check it out for 40 days before parting-out any of your ‘hard-earned’.

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      Thanks, Ian! I will check them out.

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      Melissa, Another thought just occurred to me, since I have had the need to review footage taken of a walking-trip along our coastline culminating in a ‘climb’ of a local feature, ‘Highcliff’. I have been over this ground several times, with up to 100 shots on each occasion, although, admittedly, the average would be about 50. This solution consists of using a TMPGEnc product ‘Video Mastering Works 5’. On loading a batch of files into that, they are displayed as quite substantial thumbnails in a vertical ‘rack’ formation. There does not seem to be any limit on the number of shots which are able to be added.

      Video Mastering Works exists for a final ‘polish’ to be put onto shots, last minute adjustments of colour-bias etc. It also allows forclips to be cut to length, if need be, and cropping and other useful modifications. But, the great thing is that a thumbnail of each shot is visible and available for further processing. I simply load the programme, load the shots into it, where they are organised into numerical order and use the information available, for my own purposes, which may/may notnot involve further processing, but merely sorting shots into some sort of order. A ‘save’ at any time, makes the programme available for any future editing session. My Video Editor, Magix ‘MEP17Plus’, runs quite well alongside Video Mastering Works, and review of everything, (plus the opportunity to make corrections etc. if need-be), is continuously available. Best of all situations, really.

      After logging-in my shots on the evening of their being taken, usually, I also make copies in high-grade mpg2, for a backup data-storage system which I use. The load/save information serves for that purpose as well.

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      Use Long FileNames to curate your videos

      Spotted SandPiper & chicks Osoyoos 49°02’15 5N 119°27’50 2W 20190716182754.mpg

      It’s simple to organize when you know how… Like My Swampies

      Shoot some fantastic video

      Off load to my pc

      Put some details in the filename .. then add the geo-location..

      Then upload to YouTube

      I’m done..

      No lingering anxiety for having a mess of VIDEO

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      now that is a thumbnail

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