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      I am doing a video for a jewelry company and I am filming against a white backdrop (wall to be exact). The name is called BlueSky and I want to make the video look dream like. I am using Final Cut Express and it does not soften the background. I can blur the video, but it blurs everything. Any suggestions? I recently saw on the X Factor and when they film the contestants talking to the camera, they add like a “spiritual, cloud like” kind of background to them. I kind of want something like that, but more Subtle.

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      you’d need to use after effects and rotoscope a mask for the background and blur just that layer

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       You can do it in motion, but it’ll involve some rotoscoping… unless your talent isn’t wearing any white, in which case you may be able to key out the background and replace it with something else (put the a copy of the video V track, slightly blurred, then layer over the keyed out talent on V2).

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      Don’t know if you can do this in Final Cut, but Sony Vegas has something called difference masking that, with some work, you could do.

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