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    i have done this effect in final cut pro, though you could aplly these steps to any editing software.

    1. Assemble your timeline.
    2. duplicate your sequence on top of itself.
    3. on the bottom sequence, go into color correction and bring up your highlights, brign them up all the way. It will look a little blown.
    4. Do this to every individual clip.
    5. Then add a gaussian blur to each clip, play around with the strength. Try 30 percent first.
    6. Then, go back to the sequence on top. Drop the opacity on each clip about 56 percent.
    7. Voila!

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    thanks, I’ll be sure to try this nd let you know how it turned out. Hopefully all goes well

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    You need to check out Sapphire plugins’ “SoftFocus” plugin. It gives you that wedding/love scene edge blur. Flippin’ cool.

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    The Matrox RT.X100 has this effect also. You can apply it in realtime, and add slo-mo and other things in realtime.

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    The way i described can be used in nearly every non linear editing system. Its actually better to do it by hand and not rely on plug ins.

    plug ins are awesome, but sometimes the lighting diffrences make some shots look blown while others look soft the way they are supposed to.

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    Dvine, thanks for the tutorial.. I’ve always used a plugin for that effect but the control you have doing it manually is much better.

    Great Tip!

  • Viewing 6 reply threads
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