Soft Focus using XH A1 is driving me nuts!

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      I have just started to work with my new XH A1 and have been shooting some interviews. It is being used along with a GL2 and the GL2 is much sharper than the A1. I am downloading both into Adobe Premier and I have to use an Unsharp mask at150 to even get them close. Canon support has not been any help. Has anybody experienced the same problem or is there a workflow that is best to get the best out of this camera?Thanks for any help!

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      It’s been my experience that focus problems are usually solved by putting the camcorder in manual focus, zooming totally into the subject, using the auto-focus button or focus controls to get a razor sharp focus then zooming out to the desired framing. Both the eyepiece & the LCD are notorious for looking great when the focus isn’t actually right.

      Since both camcorders are three chip models, they should be very close in resolution. So if the zoom-in focus method doesn’t work, you may have your back focus incorrectly adjusted. But give the zoom-in method a shot & let us know what happens.

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      hmm…is your eye pieced focused? I wonder if it’s possible to have your eye piece out of focus, and then focus your image when really it’s out of focus because your eye piece is out of focus and you’re getting a bad reference.

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      Thanks for all of the responses!!

      BarefootMedia; back focus, is that something that has to be ajusted by Canon? I will take a bunch of video this weekend trying your method and let you know how it works.

      Yes I am using peaking to focus and this is not only happening to me but also another phtographer who has a lot more experence although not with this camera (uses a GL2).

      As for the question about the eyepiece, I have somewhat of a challange getting to it. I use a wheelchair and am reliant on the LDC screen.

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      i don’t thinkyou have back focus on your camera. that’s on a lens that’s meant for a camera with interchangeable lenses, so i dont know why he even mentioned it.

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      I found this artical on-line today and wanted to ask if anybody has turned off the Instant AF. If so, what are the pros and cons?

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      I’ve had the exact same problem so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I’m going to look into some of the advice given here as well and see if that helps.

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      Hi all,

      This is my very first time in this forum and so I present myself from Canary Islands.

      Well, the Canon XH A1 has a very luminous lens and it is not desirable to use beyond f4 (the middle of the range) because you could have difraction issues, causing blurring. You had more info about this in the manual.

      In my case, I had the sameblur issuewith my XH A1 and it was fixed using the method mentioned above.

      Hope this help.


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      I have similar issues when using partial auto mode and my solution has been to

      reduce the amount of light hitting the image sensor, either by using the neutral

      density filter or higher f stops or increase shutter speeds.

      When videoing horizons with high brightness areas, the camera immediately de

      focusses to a “Standard definition look”, or as described above a soft focus.

      As soon as I use the internal density filter, the image sharpens. I wonder

      if the image sensor has an inherent fault, or even as mentioned above the

      glass/optics just can’t hack the light ? I Just have to remember to use ND filters

      when not in the winter season.

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      Soft Focus XH-A1 problem,

      Appending to the end of my last comment, after experimentation the soft focus issue

      appears to be more pronounced when in “Tv” mode, less in “Av” and “M” mode. Hope

      this helps.

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      An update on soft focus issues within the XH-A1 when exposed to too much light.

      After realising that the EVF and LCD are virtually useless in detecting these focus issues on the XH-A1, I have now invested in a 668GL hot shoe mounted monitor. This has given me a whole new world of EVF, I can actually see these focus issues now and correct them with the ND filter as and when. 668GL has a component in and gives me 800×480 pixels to display the analogue 1440×1080 signal from the camera

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      My TM700 has a “focus assist” that shows things up in blue if they are in focus. If in doubt and you can only shoot it once, open up the aperature. This will be okay if you have extensive lighting. Then, you can as some sort of “blur” effect to parts of the picture to simulate ‘focus’

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      Ryan Creason

      I also am having this exact same problem. Mine isn’t a lighting problem as I’m shooting inside. I always zoom in to the eye and focus then zoom out, however, the more I zoom out the more the subject becomes out of focus and the focus shifts toward the background. If any1 has any suggestions, please shoot away. Thanks in advance.

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