So my Beachtek is “broken”

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      Well,as thetitlesays, my Beachtek DXA-4 adapterisn’tworking the wayitshould.The rightXLR plug isn’t working.I opened it up justenoughtosee what lookslike oneofthe wiresconnectedtoitcame un-soldered.My problemis,there isaton of glue holding thetop plate onto aninside plate whichmakes itimpossibleto just pulloff.

      Hasanyone opened up their Beachtek adapterandifso, howdid you pry offtheglue? EventhoughI onlyuse 1 mic (Rode NTG-2)cananyonegiveme a goodreason toconsiderthe Beachtek completely broken soIhavean excuseto get a JuicedLink :-P?I wish Iknew about JuicedLink before Iboughtthis…as it looks like theirboxesare much better…

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