So many basic mistakes in Hollywood?

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      Sometimes I catch them myself, sometimes I read them at but there are SO many basic editing mistakes in very popular movies like continuity, revealing, visible crew\equipment etc… which gets me thinking, HOW does this happen to the best of the best? FRIENDS is one of the best TV series ever made. There are over 1000 mistakes – and BIG ones that I can’t understand… isn’t each episode edited professionally and checked by the editor and director and others before it’s aired?

      Season 8 Episode 2: Monica is sitting in the living room with all her wedding presents, waiting for Chandler to return. She begins to open a large parcel and reveals a brown cardboard box. Then the camera moves to Joey, and when it moves back, the parcel is wrapped up again. This happens about three times.

      Three times in a row!!! (Yes, I noticed it myself while watching).

      So what gives with Hollywood editing?

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      Well, just because you are talented and fortunate enough to work in Hollywood or for a network doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes. I’d say the biggest issue is time. These productions have such a fast turnaround. That alone makes it easy to miss little details.

      Every production also has its own unique challenges and there are just so many people to deal with. What if an actor is having a bad day and it’s taking longer to get the shots you need? What if someone trips over something and get injured on set? What if there’s a fire? What if your camera just stops working for some reason? Troubleshooting takes time.

      Also, there are many times in post when you do notice a mistake was made during production, but you just can’t fix it. The example you mentioned in Friends seems like one of those instances. That’s not an editing mistake, that was a shooting mistake. If the editor doesn’t have the right shot, then he or she doesn’t have the right shot. He or she probably had to choose between fixing the continuity or editing to deliver the lines in a humorous fashion. Personally, I’d go for the humor…

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      look at it this way…

      As a photographer I usually get between 1/1000 of a second to 30 seconds to capture the shot…
      As a videographer I get up to an hour….

      But the viewer can sit on their ass for the next thirty years looking for things to complain about…

      either way I have deadlines to meet, and other people to work with or rely on as subjects, or clients or staff.
      Time is money and if the cost of fixing a mistake outweighs the cost of living with it…
      then you live with it.
      you think it’s bad in hollywood? you should see how many mistakes happen in the places that prepare your food or happen in the operation rooms in your hospitals… people f’k up… it happens.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I believe that about 90% of the time the editor has nothing to do with the mistakes. Like Rob mentioned many mistake were made in production and the one that notices the mistake is the editor back in it’s cave. Iwouldn’tblame the editors, they do the best with what they got. Not many people can catch mistakes (in fact very few I believe) so I assume they can safely leave this mistakes andlaughabout it later. Personally if I put my video editor/cameraman/sound/everything video when watching a movie I will most likely caught many of mistakes in the movies. But like I say to everyone who watch a movie with me “Please don’t ask me about what I think of the movie because I see them from theperspective of how the movie was made”.

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      From my experience its not just about mistakes. You have a ton of people trying to do things in such a short amount of time and you have to many cooks in the kitchen. The editor isn’t the end all on such a production and many of times they either have to work with what they have and other times they have to have things work and work fast. I only have a small taste of that world but even though I love video and editing, I want no part of that scale of production.

      The normal audience doesn’t have the same thought process as videoenthusiasts or pros do. If the story gets across, they let those things slide. Production crews know that and it comes down to “Do we spend the money to shoot over or can we let that one pass?”. Money and time are part of your tool box in that world.

      It is a luxury to be able to over analyse things and repeat processes. Those big productions are not afforded that as much as people think. To me that’s one of the things that takes the fun out of it.

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      ” The editor isn’t the end all on such a production and many of times they either have to work with what they have and other times they have to have things work and work fast. “

      The director has the final say. But he has budget constraints and would probably not want to draw attention to any boo-boo he created in shooting.

      I have been in enough editing suits and heard enough, ” The audience will never notice . . . “, to know that there is frequently a fair amount of disdain for ” the audience “.

      Rick Crampton

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