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      In anticipation of upgrading to Adobe CS5, I downloaded the trial ver’s of Premiere and AFX two of the programs I use the most. I have a fast connection and it still took nearly three hours to download the two programs and install them. Okay, I could deal with that.

      Next, I went through all of Adobe’s new anti-piracy crap and setup the program as a ‘trial version’ though everything is set for you to just buy it ($600 bucks for one program? Not happening.) Anyway at start up I get a warning that I have to update all of my GPU drivers in order to take advantage of the MPE. No prob. Just about a 15 minute divert over to the NVIDIA site to update my drivers.

      Now, of course my GPU’s aren’t on the list of compatible drivers (why should they be when NVIDIA can get another couple of grand out of me to upgrade?) But, according to the list as of the 1st of May there was some suggestion that they had expanded support for legacy products. By the 2nd, all that info magically disappeared. Whatever, I needed to update the drivers anyway.

      So, I go back into premiere and though I don’t have GPU support, I at least want to see how the software version of the MPE works. I choose the ‘Open Project’ option to see how my HDV project load times are supposed to decrease and check some other things. I get a message that ‘The project cannot be opened due to the video codec cannot be found’. Hah? Dude I’ve got codecs up the friggin’ ying yang! Whaddaya’ mean it can’t be found?

      Fine. I go into the ‘Start New Project’ section so I can just load some stuff and go from there. Survey says, XXX (insert angry buzzer sound)! No go. At least now I know why it ‘couldn’t find the codecs’. The only thing Adobe bothered to load was ‘DV’ settings! If you want to capture, DV is all you get! Now I dug through the project settings and yeah there’s stuff for anything Panasonic has out involving DVC whatever even in the HD flavors. But if you want HDV, AVCHD, XDCAM or anything else, fuggeddaboutit!

      Well at the moment, I can’t even test the software for what I need to do. Hell, I don’t care how well it handles ‘effin’ DV! I don’t need the MPE to do DV work. Well I still have 29 days left to get some answers and hopefully test this thing.

      Next, I’ll try the AFX and give you a ‘blow by blow’. Hopefully that will work out better. So far, I am thoroughly unimpressed.

      Well, after getting the trial version fired up I get to the initial project screen and si

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      Thanks for the update. I remember when I tried out a trial version of CS4, I learned that they don’t give you the whole package. They keep out certain features (partly to make the download more manageable and partly to get me to buy it, which worked). Maybe it’s the same deal here. Please keep us posted on your adventure!

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      Well I opened up AFX and though it was a lot easier to get going than Premeire, again simple mpeg-2 files that CS3 handles with no prob bring about ‘file is either damaged or unsupported’. Since they aren’t ‘damaged’ that leaves ‘unsupported’ as the logical culprit. Very, very disappointed. Not much of a trial I would say when I can’t even use the main type of files I use to put the software through it’s paces. I’ll fool around with it one more time, but if it’s the same BS, I’m going to hold off for a while and wait to see what others say about useabiltity and workflow issues. I’ll keep you posted….

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      I have always hated that about the Adobe free trials, they handicap the software so much it makes it impossible to actually test it for the features you need. It seems they only do that on the video programs though. The betas for everything else seem fully functional.

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      Well gang, I couldn’t get Premiere to do anything but DV and it wouldn’t even recognize my BMD capture card despite my having put the so-called CS5 friendly drivers on it. If they aren’t going to let you actually test the bloody thing, don’t waste my effin’ time. DV only? Honestly. As much as I like some of their products I (censored) hate Adobe. Software cost too much and though I understand wanting to stop piracy, they can’t. So quit jerking around those of us who legitimately want to test the software. I’ll end up upgrading eventually, but I’m not rushing out the door to buy this stuff. Very, very disappointed. The two best things to come out of this was at least NVIDIA pulled their head out and finally updated their drivers so you can use 3 monitors if you have 2 cards and the joy I’ll have uninstalling that waste of time software off my system.

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      I have CS3 on my comp I think if I were to upgrade it would just be after effects and Photo and use my Vegas for everything else because that is all I use from my CS3

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