Sneak Peek at Mercury Playback Engine....

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With the advent of Adobe's CS line of software (particularly After Effects and Premiere) they have been making a serious effort to place themselves on equal footing with giants like Avid and FCP. Now with the pending release of their new Mercury Playback Engine, Adobe's about to send a seismic level shockwave that the big boys better be paying attention to.

With the Mercury Playback Engine, Adobe Premiere will be able to finally take advantage of powerful off the shelf gamer GPU's and marry them with multi-core CPU's in a 64-bit OS! I could tell you how it looks, but it would ruin the surprise. Instead let Dave Henly show you what's coming down the pike. If it works like the demo everyone from newbies struggling to work with AVCHD to pro's struggling with 4k will be able to benefit! They say it's "to be included in a future release", but it damn well better be in CS5!