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      Hello all.Adorama has a Smith Victor K76 4000-watt Professional Quartz Studio Lighting kit on sale for $1,058.95.It consists of2 720-SG and 2 750-SG lights,stands and 696 Pro Lighting Case. My question is:I would like to buy this kit.Is this a good price?Thank you.

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      That would have been an ok retail price a few years ago. Today, you can get a good Lowel kit cheaper than that and you can get a niiiice new wireless LED kit without breaking the bank. It’s worth surfin BandH before buying.

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      That’s an awful lot of light for video. What are you trying to illuminate? I use three 500-Watt quartz instruments in my studio and that is often too much.

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      I agree with Steve 4k worth of lights is quite a lot. If you’re doing a live broadcast setup or lighting a medium, large studio or outdoor set that’d be a good number. Not to mention quartz lights get hot as halogens and have specifically short lifespans. Grinner’s also correct, for $1k you can get some nice Lowell kits with 3 or 4 lights, scrims, filter mounts, umbrellas and more included.

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