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      Hi Kids –

      SmartSound sent me an email – They’re having a great sale on selected Strata libraries. A half dozen @ $20 each, a slew more @ $25, $30 and $35 each.

      If you don’t have SonicFire Pro, there is even a free version of that available.

      If you need decent royalty free music, this is a great deal.

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      Thanks for the info. Just starting with video and now I can stock up on some audio cheaply. Thanks again.

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      They sent another email – This time it’s for a bunch of different libraries – as low as $15 each! Only good through May 26 @ 9 AM

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      Birdcat, thanks for the heads up on this special. I always look forward to your updates on video related specials.Keep ’em comin’.Some of us are always looking to save some money and get good stuff.

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      Hi Vid –

      Glad to help.

      I have a very limited budget and as a rule, only buy things that are deeply discounted. I have over 40 SmartSound libraries but have not paid full price for any of them (although this last batch @ $15 a pop are an amazing deal).

      I find that SmartSound and Digital Juice both offer outstanding values and cannot be beaten when they run a sale.

      I am also a big believer in sharing the wealth which is why I post these specials when I find them. At these prices, even a high school student can afford good, royalty-free music!

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      Birdcat, Thanks again. I picked up 3 classical @ $15 and splurged on one at $20. I have a lot of video related things on my want list and am always looking to find something from the list at a discount or perhaps used on ebay. In the past,I’ve found some good discounts at DJ also.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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